Bal Thackeray wants Veena to be sent back to Pakistan


Bal Thackeray has demanded that Veena Malik and all other Pakistani artists be sent back to their country. The Shiv Sena supremo lashed out against Malik in his editorial in the party’s organ Saamna. “Veena Malik is a blot on our country’s culture. Who is Veena Malik? Why is so much ruckus being raised about her?” The News International quoted Thackeray as saying.
“She goes missing for some days and it appears to be a publicity stunt… sometimes she does obscene acts in ‘Bigg Boss’ and sometimes she gets herself photographed in the nude for magazines,” he said. “Veena is not such a big actress from Pakistan that we should go on praising her,” he added. Thackeray also expressed his anger on other artists from her country performing in Bollywood. “There is a trend in Bollywood to hire Pakistani artistes.
Pakistani actors come to India and do not want to leave. People from Pakistan come to India to watch cricket matches and suddenly vanish. It’s difficult to say whether they work for terror outfits or not,” he said. “On the other side, Pakistani government doesn’t even give visas to our artistes. There is a virtual ban on entry of Amitabh Bachchan, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsle in Pakistan. Dolly Bindra says, Veena Malik has ISI connections. If that is so, the person who gave her visa should be jailed,” he added. “We should clean up our country and send Veena Malik to hell.”
‘Next time if I go to sleep, I will inform the entire world’: Pakistani actress Veena Malik, the new drama queen in the making, has reacted to reports of her ‘missing act’ as dramatically as possible. She swears to inform the whole world before going for her next break. “I swear, next time if I go to sleep, I will inform the entire world. I will not tell where I am sleeping, but I will inform everyone that I am going to sleep,” said Veena at a press conference held to clear her act.
Veena, who reportedly went missing since Friday morning, denies it was a publicity stunt to promote her forthcoming reality show – ‘Veena Ka Vivah’. “If someone considers this as a publicity stunt, I cannot stop them. Previously, the FHM controversy took place. They doctored my picture and you people called it a publicity stunt… This time I went to a hotel, checked in and slept. I don’t think anyone has so much audacity to have two publicity stunts in 15 days,” said Veena, who has become controversy’s favourite child.


  1. evry free citizen cn go any country,bal thackray sahb ko mamta n malaika shrwat rakhi sawnt saints lgti hen?pblm veena nai,pblm us ka pakistan se taluq pe india pakistan ma lakhon logo k pait ma dard ha.apny gireban ma jhankna nai chahtay ek aurat k pechay paray hen sb "neki k mujasmay"

  2. n india aur pakistan ma veena jaisi hazaron aurtain hain,farq ye ha k ksi ki burai nzr ati ha ksi ki chupi rhti ha.ap ki parliament ma,media indstry ma veena se b bari khwateen mojud hain,kuch alfaz un k liay b rkhen,kal un ka parda b khul jae ga

  3. Come on, people; she is a daughter of Pakistan. Even runaway daughters have a right to return home when they feel like – or must she become honor killing victim #676?

  4. This is a none issue…I'm amazed you people waste your time on a failed actress when we have much more important things to discuss. All of you should be ashamed of yourselves.

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