Munter joins Faisal Mosque interfaith prayer, talks


US Ambassador Cameron Munter and his wife, Dr Marilyn Wyatt, participated in an interfaith dialogue on Monday at Faisal Mosque’s International Islamic University. Its participants included the university students as well as Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and Christian religious leaders. Ambassador Munter also joined interfaith leaders in a prayer for the Pakistani soldiers killed on November 26. “We share this grief and sorrow, and hope for a year in which we can look forward to peace on the earth and goodwill towards men,” Ambassador Munter said.
During the dialogue, the participants discussed ways to promote interfaith understanding. Munter reiterated the US support for religious freedom and protection of religious minorities. He noted that Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had recognised the importance of freedom of worship to Pakistan’s growth and development. In addition to students at International Islamic University, the participants included Faisal Mosque Imam Sajjad-ur-Rehman, bishop of Peshawar church, Abdul Qadir Khomash from Muslim-Christian Federation, International Islamic University’s Iqbal Institute, Vice Chancellor Dr Mumtaz Ahmad, leader of All Pakistan Hindu Rights Movement, Haroon Saryab-Dial, and Gauranat Narmak Gi Sikh Mission Chairman Dr Mampar Singh.