Is the SSP out of the closet ?


Sunday witnessed the rebirth of Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) as thousands of flags and weapons-waiving, SSP activists participated in the procession at Minar-e-Pakistan, contrary to the claims of Jamat-ud-dawa that the procession was aimed at discussing the ‘defence’ of Pakistan. Whereas the cause of the procession was generally appreciated, even the participants raised their eyebrows at the presence of a banned organisation that has been accused of killing Shia Muslims inside the country. After its ban in 2002, Dafa-i-Pakistan Council’s Sunday rally was the first occasion on which the elements of SSP appeared on the scene and vowed their full support for the JD and their stance of ridding the country of the US.
Many religious clerics and madrassa students under the supervision of Almuhammadia Students Organisation of Pakistan were gathered on Sunday in the ground of Minar-e-Pakistan but the presence of members of banned organisation, armed was the main highlight of the evening. SSP’s activists accompanied JD workers on the city roads and encouraged people to attend the DPC’s rally. “It seems as if the government has lifted the ban from banned organisations. In the name of protesting against the NATO attacks, these organisations are being allowed to roam freely and this will lead to sectarian clashes,” said Zafer Ali, a student, adding that the government was making a mistake by allowing organisations like JD and SSP to function openly.
“Instead of giving a positive impression, clerics chose to call a banned organisation which came with weapons and flags. Even though the cause of the rally is a good one, but I smell danger because everyone will get the impression that the aim of the rally was to recruit terrorists,” said Usman, another citizen.
Members of the banned organisations were also seen tearing the billboards and posters of former dictator Pervaiz Musharraf at Nasir Bagh where a session was being held. They also raised slogans against him.
STUDENTS AVOID THE RALLY: Although a large number of madrassa students joined the procession at Minto Park, students of schools, colleges and universities abstained from it. According to sources, most students at the procession were forcefully brought from the religious madaris of Deoband, Ahl-e-hadis and Ahl-e-Sunat but the students from the universities and colleges could not be attracted.


  1. They are present also in Jaamia Farooqi in Khi where Imran Khant chose to spend some time before his concert

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