We’re different but get along well: Ranveer, Anushka


Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma engage in a sizzling chat, revealing what makes them such good friends. On working together after a year. Ranveer: “There were a lot of conflicts during BBB, but we’re on the same page now. She’s more spontaneous, I’m more rehearsed.” Anushka: “We’re more comfortable with each other now. We had different approaches to work, but we’ve understood it better and we have a very comfortable relationship off-camera.”
On being more different than alike. Ranveer: “We’re different at a core, fundamental level. But we manage to get along well.” Anushka: “I think the only thing we agree on, is ‘agree to disagree’!” On her ‘arrogance’ and his ‘motor-mouth’. Ranveer: “I don’t think Anushka is arrogant. She’s extremely smart.
Yes, sometimes, she gets out of control and I’ve to calm her down.” Anushka: “Ranveer is mistaken to be a ‘moophat’ but he’s not. He’s impulsive and child-like. He lets his impulses take over. I’m ‘moophat’.” On their link-up and controversies. Anushka: “The day I start using my personal life to sell myself as an actor, I’ll leave the industry.” Ranveer: “I just want to focus on my work right now.”