Veena Malik not in Pakistan, very much in Mumbai


Veena Malik could do little but come out in the open when news of hers going to Pakistan for Visa renewal made headlines this morning. Talking to reporters, Veena’s representative said, “I am on my way to meet Veena who is at Oakwood Park. I have only spoken to her briefly.” The actress went missing while shooting for her Bollywood film and was not traceable since then. People close to her in India felt that she was suffering from severe depression after her father publicly disowned her for shooting “nude” for FHM magazine. However, the lady has denied undergoing depression and said that she was fatigued after having shot for over 18 hours on a go. She switched off her mobile phone so that she could rest without being disturbed. Earlier in the day, there were speculations that the lady had left for Pakistan via Wagah Border clad in a burqa to avoid paparazzi.