Is PTI a league of extraordinary men?


What is PTI? A political party or a pressure group? Is it really a political party that has emerged as a third option in a political scenario? Or is it something else which we are unable to see or figure out in our desperation of trying something new? Taking same people and forming a new party; is this change we require or we all are looking for? I was wondering what Mr Khan was doing in the past 15 years as he was unable to bring forth not even a single person from his party as a vice-chairman. And how easily he trashed Omer Serfraz Cheema and replaced him with Shafaqt Mehmood.
He has claimed several times that the PTI will be a party of new and fresh people, but today he has to rely on the same people. What is new in PTI and what change will it bring? Who are the real party members? Majority of them are ex-PPP, PML(Q), PML(N), APML and all are tried and tested in their respected parties. How will PTI challenge “status quo” with people who by and large are responsible for it?
What is new?
Nonetheless, the technique used for party campaign was new and fresh without a doubt; a choreographed jalsa was a new thing, never done before. Using social media as an effective tool for the party election campaign was also an innovative idea.
But are all these things sufficient to overcome the problems and to resolve the issues? I fail to understand what change this “new political party” of leftovers will bring, and why people are ready to support all the tested people in a new party, under the umbrella of change. Strange, people are ready to give a chance to the same people but in a new party. Are we playing party game or anyone among us has serious concerns about Pakistan? I believe now the parties, from where the entire stampede is coming, will definitely be left with clean and competent members, as PTI is sucking all the opportunists into its fold.


  1. True, True.!!!
    But i dont know if you have realized that you are a minority in Pakistan, majority of the population is illiterate and barely understand what Imran khan means when he speaks about welfare state. The face value in these cases of these opportunists can be used gain a few extra votes, which could lead khan to form a government. I believe this is better than losing election with new faces and being forced to form a coalition with the same faces that PTI rejected. At least this way all new members are obliged to follow party policies, and Imran khan can always kick out these politicians which is easier than looking for new clean politicians that can support their own weight financially in their constituencies.
    This is my view.
    I also want to say just because one has been affiliated with lots of parties in the past does not mean they are people. Lets view politics as a job, if i get a job for a certain reason say pollution control and I realize that in fact the company has made deals with corporations to dump all this in conservatories then I should be able to leave a party without attaching a label with my name. In some cases you cant leave your job because it pays to support you family and you have no other political options, then you stick you job until you are presented with a choice.
    This is my view, and I might be a bit biased because I truly believe that Imran khan is the best option in the political horizons at Pakistan's time of need. Most countries such as egypt dont have an option when they need one.

    • When change is to be happen, Its dose'nt matter who is literate who is not, When pakistan was made, General public was not Phd,

  2. the main thing is that who will get election tickets… it will be appreciated if PTI will announce National Tax Number (NTN) and assets of contestants in elections.

  3. Maryam Khan is PMLN activist. Do what ever you want you cannot stop PTI. Change will come only through Imran Khan and PTI only:)

  4. Why cant people understand that if you compare him with others he is thousand times better. Like Mr. Imran khan said "Give peace a chance" we can say Give Khan a chance" to prove his worth!

  5. to know what writter is preaching read her past work you will know from where her salary bill is coming. she is dedicated for this job.

  6. But why we give a chance to Imran Khan when we are seeing with own eyes.. If it is only the Inqilab of Lota Cracy then why we support? If IK works totally on Youth, work with Youth, All the decision make with the co-operation of youth and just with new faces then we support. But what ever he is adding in his Party alll are the used KARTOOS. So we dont want change like Musharraf. This is change like Musharraf so see that at which stage Pakistan is standing. So just change can come with PML-N.. and we Support PML-N. PML-N Zinda bad, Pakistan Pa`inda bad

    • Thats because alternative is to give free platform to these same crooked faces with even more venal leadership of other parties. At least IK would try to curb their ambitions which otherwise would be encouraged and supported to the hilt in the current status-quo dynastic bands.

    • Meanz Top Leadership dosent matter for u? I think we should se where the water is falling from, rather then where its drowning.

  7. Pti is not a party bt actually a bunch of corrupt and loosers. They wanna new name and succeeded. Own personal benefits,lust for power ,where is people common peoples only billionaires who made money and knew tactics of making black money,nothing is for people, just dirty power politics by imran and bunch of criminals. Don't support them. if we succeed then they r finished.

    • Yeah this is why Imran Khan Refuses to live a luxurious life like wasim akram after leaving cricket, make shoukat khanam, and start struggling for Pakistan. And refuses to be in current Govt, refuses to exercise previous election.
      I dont know in what crietaria Your are thinking abt, but jst think that if imran khan have a lust of power, then why dont he collate with some other politiion jst to be hold one seat in assembly, and Ministry, Like others are doing.

  8. in 1970 Zulfiqar Ali Bhatto won election and thereafter all the loosers joined PPP.Next election all those new people rigged the election.Bhatto got blamed and hanged by Zia for other reasons.I wish and hope Imran remembers Pakistans history.Kursi hamri sysiat ha.Islam hamara deen ha.Paisa humara sab kuch ha. Ya alla khyar.

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