Fuel-saving vehicle equipment makes its way to the market


Future Technologies, a Lahore-based concern, promoting the latest technological development and innovation-based products launched a fuel-saving, environmental-friendly gadget, Panther, which was displayed at the Toyota Ravi Motors showroom on Multan Road near Thokar Niaz Baig.
Future Technologies Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Shoaib Ashfaq Qureshi said, “There is dire need to adopt fuel-saving measures, both in the public and private sectors, of the country, in view of the lingering petrol and CNG shortages, and frequent POL products’ price hikes,” said.
The new equipment was displayed for over a fortnight, during which time leaflets were distributed among visitors in general and motorists in particular, which highlighted the need to use this fuel saving equipment in their vehicles to offset the impact of frequent POL prices hike, by saving 25 percent of fuel, with more mileage and power. He said the product was based on Japanese technology which had been tested and used in many foreign countries and was being marketed for the first time in Pakistan. Qureshi said increased use of such fuel-saving equipment in vehicles had become essential in view of the prevailing circumstances and should be adopted by the federal and provincial governments as a major fuel-saving measure, and also by the private sector, mainly by businessmen and industrialists who had to travel around a lot.


  1. Please tell me how it works ?
    Please tell me its function , and how power it requires ?

  2. I have seen this equipment that is plug in car lighter. I have checked it by opening it & was found nothing inside that can help save fuel.

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