‘Bandhan’ highlights stagnant society


Parents in the conservative society of Pakistan usually are concerned about a right match for their sons and daughters to an extent that they leave no stone unturned getting all the important and also trivial information in search of their offspring. But some youngsters stand against the decision of their parents, saying they should be given the right of freedom to decide for their better half as it is their life and that they are the one who will spend their lives with their spouse to be. With this theme a Urdu stage play ‘Bandhan’ was presented at the Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) auditorium. Produced by Islamabad Art Production, ‘Bandhan’ was the 7th stage play included in the ‘National Drama Festival – 2011’ arranged by the PNCA with the core objective of promotion of theatre art and artists in the country.
Written by ZA Zulfi and directed by Tahir Siddique, ‘Bandhan’ highlights the relationship of parents and their kids in modern age where today’s youth is consistently heard saying to their parents: ‘This is not your age’, ‘Those were the old days and now the things have changed drastically’, or ‘They should be given the right to make decision in their lives including marriage’. On the other hand, parents keep on saying whatever they think and decide is for the welfare of their sons and daughters under the light of their experiences in life.
Communication gap between parents and children was also presented in a light way.
The storyline was very strong and the cast members did full justice to their respective rolls. Batin Faruqi playing a role of father tried to convince her daughter that the boy she intended to wed was not sincere with her and targeting her for the property.
Bandhan also highlighted mutual understanding between parent and children’s especially at the time of selection of their life partner.
The capacity crowd watched the play and appreciated the script and serious and comedy discourse in the live stage play.
Another stage play ‘Saanp’ will be presented at PNCA auditorium at 7:00pm today (Monday), which is a production of JB Production, Peshawar and written and directed by Javed Babar.