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Rumours abound

The political forces of a country play an essential role in promoting political gossip. The recent visit of our very own President Asif Ali Zaradari to Dubai on December 6, gave rise to many rumours and speculations, stating the cause of the visit. The establishment further supported these rumours to express its contempt against the president. This was a perfect opportunity for the Pakistan People’s Party to use truth as a tool against these speculations but it did not. Various reasons were given by the party stating the cause of this visit. It claimed that the president had gone there to meet his children and for some medical tests. Later, when this claim did not hold, it was admitted that the president was suffering from minor heart issues.

The status quo was further worsened when an online blog, associated with an American magazine Foreign Policy, published some other details too. It pointed out that a former American government official said that the president sounded bewildered in a television conversation with the US president and said that he would give up his presidency due to health reasons.

The fact about how the government official got that information was not known. This clearly shows that the PPP regime is under constant danger, which can lead to its downfall. It is a common practice that ideas are floated first, in order to see the response of the public and then take action.

The people are dissatisfied with the military regime as well as the PPP government. It is probable that this satisfaction will be expressed at the polls, in the coming year. The military can only be kept aloof if the party can build trust within the civilians, and ensure that they are being given the right news. This will reduce uncertainty and enable people to trust the government.

It is about time for the politicians to promote the idea of democracy, like Nawaz Sharif is doing. He has cleverly used the tactic of placing the blame upon the army, and the idea of supporting the civilian government’s right to rule would surely strengthen that.



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