President a brave man, will return soon: Khosa


Punjab Governor Latif Khan Khosa said on Friday that President Asif Ali Zardari is a brave man possessing the qualities of strong commitment and nerves and he would definitely return very soon.
Khosa was talking to reporters after addressing the inaugural ceremony of the 27th Annual International Conference of the Radiology Society of Pakistan, at a local hotel. The governor said that the world was ridiculing Pakistan over the memo scandal because it had a negative influence on the country for no reason.
Earlier, in his address at the inaugural ceremony, the governor said that only the Radiological Society of Pakistan represented the radiologists, radiotherapists, nuclear physicians and radiation physicists in Pakistan.
He said the society was playing a pivotal role in the management and diagnosis of dengue fever, adding that the society was promoting research in the diagnostic radiology and the nuclear medicine at both the national and international levels.
Khosa appreciated the society’s Executive Council for organising academic activities, including conferences and seminars, to educate the people.


  1. khosa Saheb like P,I,A`s slogan GREAT PEOPLE FLY WITH P.I.A Perhaps you have observed the performances of them.In materialist world no one you have seen Gen.Ayube Khan,Grn.Yahya,Late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto,Gen.Zia ul Haq and lateron etc.The Chair of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was very strong and perhaps you have seen the end of them.But you have closed your eyes like PEGION,but cat does not wait.

  2. How does a Radiological Society play a pivotal role in the management and diagnosis of dengue fever? I am getting out of touch!

  3. @ Dr. Khan

    of course by magical rays…..look at the guys they hum with radiation like a transformer. 🙂

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