PML-N files another application in memo case


Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz (PML-N) on Friday filed another application before the Supreme Court to make three other people party in memogate case.
According to a private television channel, the three who were made party included Pakistan’s Ambassador to UK Wajid Shamsul Hassan, and journalists Shaheen Sehbai and Mohammad Malick.


  1. What happened to those cartons we saw Shamsul Hassan carting away, containing evidence? Was he an officer of the court? This is the problem, all kinds of shady characters running the entire show, and they want yet another year as if 5 years was a sacred period instead of the maximum allowed.

  2. Khawaja Asif and Mansoor Ijaz have a very important similarity. Both are US citizens. It may also be noteworthy that Khawaja Asif's father was Speaker of General Zia's Shoora. We all know General Zia was working on American brief. America wants to create confusion in Pakistan so that Pakistan's position to renegotiate terms of engagement with USA. It all clicks. It is time we connect the dots. Otherwise, it can be very dangerous for Pakistan.

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