Ijaz submits handwritten notes implicating Haqqani


In response to the Supreme Court’s December 1 order in the memogate controversy, the central character of the scandal, Pakistani-American businessman Mansoor Ijaz, submitted his 81-page written reply on Thursday with documentary evidence to substantiate his claims made in the memo issue, including notes handwritten by Husain Haqqani.
According to the documentary evidence (communication log form) he annexed with his written reply, as many as 85 communications including phone calls and Blackberry Messages took place between him and former ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani during May 9 and May 12, 2011.
According to the communication log, the first communication was initiated by Haqqani on May 5, 2009 with the contents: “Are you in London? I am here just for 36 hours. Can we meet for after dinner coffee or s’thing?” The last communication made by Haqqani to Ijaz on May 12, 2011 was: “Thanx. On way to Isloo. Will touch base on return.” About contact with Pakistani officials, Ijaz said: “While I maintain high-level political and military/intelligence contacts in nearly two dozen countries around the world, during the past decade, I have had no contact with any Pakistani government officials, civilian, judicial, military or intelligence – with the four exceptions (ambassador Haqqani excluded) – A: 2003 when I last interacted with the former DG ISI Gen Ehsanul Haq, shortly before he left the DG ISI position in 2004.
B: Nov 2005 when my friend and I visited the prime minister of Pakistan and some military officers during and after our trip to Kashmir as the earthquake reconstruction period began. C: May 5, 2009 when I met with President Asif Ali Zardari for 45-50 minutes at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel in Washington DC at the invitation of ambassador Haqqani to brief the president shortly before he met with US officials at the White House. D: Oct 22, 2011 when I met alone with ISI chief Lt Gen Ahmad Shuja Pasha at his request for approximately four hours in London to provide him with the same accounting of facts provided to the court.” He said over the past decade, he maintained regular contact with Haqqani through email, Blackberry chat exchanges, SMS, in-person meetings and telephonic discussions. He said he, purely being a friend, had been assisting Haqqani in communicating his messages in ways that only he dictated. In his reply he also submitted two PIN numbers of Haqqani’s unique Blackberry. He said in response to Haqqani’s request, he had made a 16:03 minute long call to Haqqani on September 5, 2011. He also stated that after publication of his article in the Financial Times, Haqqani called him and told him that Gen Pasha was coming to London. He said he met with Gen Pasha on October 22, 2011 at Park Lane Hotel London for four hours and shared the facts with him, besides providing all the evidences and record about the ‘memorandum’.
He said Gen Pasha had made it clear that he was in London with the consent of Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani. He said he had told Gen Pasha that he had been assisting Haqqani in transmitting the messages to Admiral Mike Mullen. “I also made clear to Gen Pasha that I did not want to personally be involved in any debriefing of him that would lead to a disruption of the civilians government’s normal business – he responded by making clear that it was his and Kayani’s deep desire to see a government complete its term, but that the rumours of what was contained in the memorandum from a content perspective could simply not be ignored,” Ijaz stated. On this basis, he said, he had agreed and started meeting with Gen Pasha and told him the truth.
According to a handwritten note by Haqqani given to Mansoor Ijaz: “US-Brits will beat shut out to get info out”, “Army wants to bring government down”, “Msg to Kayani – 1971 moment: Let President order inquiry, Let debate occur, coalition of willing US helps on Afghanistan, Pakistan doesn’t know what it wants, Biden gave blank sheet to Pak agents on nukes/Kashmir which Kayani threw out”.
“Msg to Kayani – Let AZ do: (a) inquiry into what happened (b) Find out who is there… Let America do special ops (c) Won’t take nukes, need some discipline (d) We will help directorate S of ISI”.


  1. Haqqani …………………………………. Clean bowled! ..
    Zardari …………………………………… Retired Hurt!..
    Gillani …………………………………….. Run Out!
    DG ISI (Not Out) ……………………… 100 runs
    COAS (Not Out) ……………………… 50 runs

    Still to bat : Imran Khan, PTI
    Umpires : Mansoor Ijaz and Chief Justice of Pakistan
    TV Umpire: USA

  2. send a copy of those handwritten notes to gainsights (AT) gmail.com for graphological analysis

  3. There is proof of Haqqani's involvement in the memo scandal. No proof yet of Zardari's involvement. It would be Haqqani's words against that of Zardari.

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