‘PTI tsunami would wipe away big crocodiles’


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said that the tsunami of change has started in the country which cannot be stopped.
Addressing a press conference at the residence of S A Hameed here on Thursday, Khan said that he would announce a revolutionary manifesto on December 25 in Karachi, adding that the PTI tsunami would wipe away the “big crocodiles” when the party holds its rally at Mazar-e-Quaid.
Khan said that the rulers have turned deaf ears towards sufferings of the masses, due to which the masses have been forced to lead life in miserable conditions.
Khan claimed that due to self-directed and misguided policies of the sitting rulers, the country was passing through severe crises.
He assured that PTI would lead Pakistan in the right direction and the country would never be subservient to any superpower.
On the occasion, SA Hammed and former MPA of PML-Q Engineer Muhammad Ashraf Butt, along with their supporters, joined Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.


  1. Imran khan is using the way of Barack obama…..anyone can watch h obama’s political struggle…thats the same idea that the imran khan is taking now…….gud job Imran khan…….

  2. Establishment was the single key reasons of all the problems of Pakistan. They created MQM to damage PPP in Sindh, they took over power every now and then, they broke Pakistan in 1971 and now with new name, they are bringing lota to bring new revolution.

    Please be aware that Imran is an agent of establishment and his only agenda is to rein in Nawaz Sharif to destablize PMLN and Punkab like MQM did in Sindh and Karachi. Establishment wants weaker parties in all provinces so that no can dare to challenge them like PMLN is doing right now. PPP challenged and MQM came and now same histroy is being repeated. Please be aware and oppose PTI with tooth and nail.

    God Bless Pakistan and save from these hypocrites who change names and colours to mislead Pakistan. All PMLQ/Musharraf Lotas are now emerging under new name.

  3. A rotten egg spoils the whole pool. And whole Musharff lovers when join Imran will destroy the country if God forbid come to power.

  4. if u love Pakistan…, and cares abt its ppl then pls join the tahreek of insaf……, IK the team leader will bring change no matter who is joining….., v trust IK our last hope may Allah bless him and keep him safe….. our prayers r with IK always

  5. Imran is a selfish,mean person,.Poor are ruined and he wants them to vanish till he becomes prime minister.He is playing C team of ZARDARI,MQM,ANP,ML-C to save them abd prolong their rule advertently or inadevertently just in hate of Nawaz SHARIF,HE THINKS EVERY ONE EXZCEPTING NAWAZ SHARIF IS HONEST AND AND HE TALKS OF HIS ASSETS ONLY NOT OF ALTAF,MQM,CHOUDRIES,WALI,AND LUKE WARMLY ABOUT ZARDARI.HE DOES NIOT CRTIXCIZE GOVERNMENT ON MEMOGATRE ETC.HE IS PLATYING WHOSE GANME NO ONE KNOWS BUT SELFISH,ANTI POOR

    • This country is not for poor.In this country there is no room no place for poor.Wdairah Shai,federalism and big cock of country hos tiled the country.Pakistan has been divided in many cast system and sub cast system and some are treated as scheduled cast.Once a question was put on Mr.Zardari when he was Minister for environment when a turn of potter son will come.My mean these are the peoples who never can breath freely in this country due to fear.Being Muslim every body has equal rights to survive in Pakistan but it is only a dream.Imran khan is embarrassing the landlord and wadhairah.

  6. some people are disgusting to the core…rotten mentality of our so called agent of change….utterly pathetic

  7. Imran i hope you are right and you wipe away the crooks. PPP, PML,MQM etc are all in it for themselves and not a single ordinary person in the whole country has benefitted from the rule of these crooks.


  9. IK has given a very good interview to Jasmine on Samaa today. I would suggest all of you to please see the show and a lot of your queries, concerns and allegations would go away. No party can deny basic party membership to any citizen of Pakistan. Awarding tickets to people will matter and thats where you will feel the difference. PTI will nominate 1000 candidates for the general elections out of which a max of 100 150 would be old faces and rest would be fresh faces.

  10. Those who complain about Imran Khan and the forthcoming tsunami should know that they and their leaders have left Pakistan worse off than it has ever been. All those that are in power now and those that have been in the past have all looted Pakistan for the betterment of their own families.

    Imran Khan cannot be accused of such things and deserves a chance to show the Pakistani people what he can do for them.

  11. Naik woh hai jis ko abhi moka nahi mila! … kam az kam ussey moka tau dau na BHAI … we can get rid of such KHANDAN OF SIASET! …PPP and PML N

  12. Imran Khan the leader and chief of the Pakistan Tehrik Insaf party which is gaining popularity everyday and is the most favored political group of like minded people who could win the coming election in the future. But one wonders it is a such a great thing happen to the Pakistan political scene and the scenario has changed due to this party's existence, however the leaders of this party and also supporters keep saying and calling and usings words like the PTI is a Titanic or it Tsunami. The PTI should avoid using these words for their party because these two disaster's were very sad happenings in the historyu of natural disasters and should not be used for a perty which is already gearing up tp take the management of a country which has several challenges all over. So please have an encouraging selection of the words from a vast vacabulary, so people can refer good stuff with PTI. For example, from IQBAL's revolutionary poems, or something which is cutting edge stuff, you know. Orignal.

  13. For all those who are narrow minded and negative thinker, just remember no politician or government have done what Imran Khan did over the past 15 years for the people of Pakistan. Cancer hospital, Namal university, awareness of corruption and accountability, but ofcourse these are only the main and high level achievements, there are more. He has and still is sacrifying his life for the people of Pakistan and if there are still people asking questions about his sincerity and love for his country then those people can go to hell because only beghairat aur donkey mind person will ignore criminals running govt.

  14. People trust iMRAN kHAN BECAUSE HE CAN BE GIVEN BENEFIT OF DOUBT. But with likes of Khokhar, Mian Azhar, Khursheed Qasuri, Afzal Hayat and other rifraf like them, what can IK hope to achieve?.

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