PIA grounds 18 planes, left with 21


As cancellation of flights is the order of the day owing to PIA’s delaying dilemma, the number of airline’s grounded aircrafts has reached 18, with just 21 planes left operational.
According to the media reports, PIA set an example of mismanagement during Hajj operations, with 42 flights being cancelled in just the last two days.
The justifications offered for flight cancellation range from battery problem to maintenance work.
According to officials, the planes have been grounded due to unknown ‘technical reasons’, bringing the number of abandoned planes to 18, whereas just 21 aircrafts have remained for local and international operations.
Four Boeing 747s, two Boeing 777, two Boeing 737s, six Airbus A310 and four ATR are included in the list of grounded planes.
On Wednesday, a Riyadh-bound flight from Lahore was just cancelled only because a 9-volt battery used to operate one of its emergency gates was found out of order, provoking the passengers who vent their anger on the airport administration.


  1. Very sad news indeed but you know it was destined because from day one the PIA flights are named secretly according to their performance for example as Flight PK409 = Pakistani Khachar No. 409. I hope you got it now.

  2. Now 18 out of 21 ‘Khachars (mule)’ are sick so it’s nothing serious, anyone can get sick. specially in Pakistan where most of the doctors are ‘pocket surgeons’.

  3. If lack of maintenance is major reason then why have Engineers' salaries been recently raised dramatically? DMD Sayani was to fix it all, what happened?

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