Nude photo shoot was not planned, says Veena


Bollywood proved to be a steppingstone for a successful career for Pakistani starlet Veena Malik, courtesy her sleazy stint in TV reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ season 4. Veena’s latest antic that has taken her country by storm is her nude photo shoot for FHM magazine. Though Veena admitted posing topless, she categorically denied going full monty for the magazine. She has also slammed fashion designer and stylist Umair Zafar for accusing her of being involved in a meticulously planned gambit.
He had said that Veena knew about her nude portrayal on the cover of the magazine as she wanted to gain enough publicity ahead of the launch of her ‘Swayamwar’. Veena’s representative Sohail Rashid said that the actress was shocked to learn about the false accusations made by Umair, as she had no idea about his existence and added, “Besides, there was no reason for her to make such publicity stunts, as she is a well known and famous personality herself.
She has under her belt as many as six Bollywood projects in the pipeline, why would she need publicity?” However, even Rashid admitted than Veena had posed topless. “Let me explain, she had covered herself with her arms. It was not a nude shoot, as being claimed. In India, we need to live up to international standards, hence this bold shoot was done by her. Now the legal battle will ensue from our front,” Rashid added.


  1. she is a prostitute and she can do anything for money and her eyes nudeness.topless and any doesnt matter .these kind of pros understand that do anything country and and religion is no matter

    • why should it matter to me if an individual decides to go nude? frankly for me it does not. she is the sole owner of her body so let her decide whatever she wants to wear or not. the whole brouhaha about her going topless is utterly pointless.

  2. yar why da F***
    media is giving so importance to this lady
    let her do whatever she is happy with !!
    plz , media group Highlight good and important thing

  3. Being a lady Vina Malik should learn the Islamic limitation for a woman. Islam does not permit to a lady in any way to show herself publicly and undressed herself physically as well as in nude body shape or in picture.Such type of women liable for lashing.If in Iran (Islamic country)a girl is hanged public-ally on the charges that she had performed on one Madhori Dikshat song, Then why Vena Malik is spared ?.Please see this clip on u tube,His explanation that it is my body and I can show and use it as per my will and wish is only a mud slinging.

    • This what fundamentist muslim know, lashing, hanging come on why you people still want to live in stone age. You are not a judge on other muslims and their faith just follow yours live every thing else to Allah the creator.

  4. you are misunderstanding in perspective women modesty ,I have explained because she is admitting every thing and please see and learn his father statement as given in this context that she may be punished on bad act and defaming the country.

  5. veena malik posed nude,its true she has slaged herself off in this way,she could off said no,but shes doing everything over the limit and it does show her real personality wot she is,disgusting and filthy,these religious people are too over there limit,wot goes under the beards and wot goes under the burkha ,allah knows better,so religious people should really calm down,veena is going in her own grave not others ,Taliban and islamic groups they dot know wot they get up to.

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