After Playboy headlines, good news for Lohan


A judge showered rare praise Wednesday on troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan, saying she had surpassed the terms of her probation and could go on vacation over the coming festive period. The encouragement from Judge Stephanie Sautner came days after Lohan made headlines when a nude Playboy photo shoot of the actress leaked online, triggering the magazine to bring forward the release of the print issue.
The terms of Lohan’s probation have restricted her travel but not her right to work, as long as she fulfills community service and other commitments. “Miss Lohan, you have actually done the work, and done it not only on time, but early,” said Sautner, who has seen the 25-year-old regularly over the last year or so, during which the star has faced repeated brief terms in jail.
Specifically she told Lohan that, as long as she fulfills her probation requirement of 12 days of community service and four therapy sessions between monthly court appearances, she has the right to leave California on vacations.