11 years in jail


The leaders of PPP in every talk show on the TV keep on harping about the 11 years spent in jails of Pakistan by our President Asif Ali Zardari for no crime of his as he was never convicted by any court local or foreign. The public wants to know a few things about his conduct during the trials.

One, how many times he presented medical certificates in order to avoid his appearance in the courts; two, how many times he was released on parole; three, what class he was given in different jails and what facilities he enjoyed in the jail including family privacy; four, how many times he personally appeared in the courts and; finally, who were involved in destroying the evidence of various cases against Asif Ali Zardari. For example, Wajid Shamsul Hassan (our envoy to the UK) who made a secret visit to Switzerland and removed a truckload of documents concerning Swiss cases.

If our President is innocent and all the cases are fabricated against him, he should justify how has he amassed huge assets worth billions of dollars all over the world vis a vis his sources of income.




  1. AZ was in prison for theft, coruption and crime and he was not a prisoner of conscience like the lady from Burma. He evaded trial because of a weak judiciary and a corrupt junta headed by Musharraf who used this as a lever to negotiate an NRO.

  2. will some body tell how many years exactly he spent in jails excluding his detention in hospitals feigning sickness like bipolar axis, dementia, backache etc.

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