Sapna’s father files application to the CCPO, family threatens self-immolation


Tired of police officials’ attitude, father of actress Sapna Khan, ex-wife of Dost Khosa, filed a complaint on the orders of court on Wednesday, to Capital City Police officer for taking an action against Race Course SHO, who despite repeated requests and courts orders has not registered a case against Khosa on Wednesday.
Misaal Khan, father of Zeba alias Sapna, requested Lahore CCPO Ahmad Raza Tahir to register the case of his daughter’s kidnap against Dost Khosa, Sajad Ahmad, Rana Tanveer, Javaid and others and also register FIR against SHO Race course under section 155-C of Police Order 2002.
“I have been trying for over a month now to get an FIR registered but to no avail,” Misaal said in his application, adding that he was forced to go the courts, but even that did not influence the SHO and that he had submitted five applications to the SHO. Earlier, Hina Khan, Sapna’s sister, said she and her family would self-immolate before the Governor House if an action is not taken against Khosa.