Another bank robbed!


The Special Investigation Unit (SIU) of the Karachi police apprehended three suspects allegedly involved in bank robberies, whereas unidentified culprits escaped with Rs 5.3 million from a private bank.
Bank robberies continue unabated, despite the law enforcement agencies’ endeavours to put an end to them.
Armed culprits looted around Rs 5.3 million from a bank situated at Lasbela Chowk of Jamshed Town.
Six men entered a branch of Soneri Bank and held the staff and security guards hostage.
Witnesses said at least 20 customers were present at the bank at the time of the robbery, and the culprits robbed them as well.
ARRESTED: Acting on information obtained from some arrested men, the SIU dispatched a team to Kohat to arrest Gulab Khan, the main accused of bank robberies in Karachi, and brought him back to the financial capital of the country.
The unit obtained important information from Gulab Khan during interrogating, and later raided the Kati Pahari area to arrest two suspects, Shabbir Khan and Kamran alias Kami.
The arrested suspects admitted being involved in over seven bank robberies in Karachi, whereas Kamran told the investigators that he was involved in the murder of Balochistan minister Rustam Jamali.
Talking to the media, SIU SSP Raja Umer Khattab said, “The suspects are being interrogated and we might be able to obtain important information about the network of robbers and murderers in Sindh and across the provincial border as well.”