When Bipasha landed in a Russian jail


Bipasha Basu, who was shooting in Russia for her upcoming multi-starrer ‘Players’ landed in a jail along with her co-star Sikander Kher. Bips and Sikander were strolling on the streets of the Russian city they were shooting in, after work. They reached a road which had signage in Russian language. Apparently, the street was not meant for pedestrians and since the two couldn’t read Russian, they had little idea about the warning.
But even before they could realise what’s happening, they were caught by the police and taken to the nearest station. Poor Bips and Sikander were wondering why they were caught. However, one of the officers at the police station happened to recognise Bipasha and turned out to be a fan of hers.
He then apologized to the duo for having taken them into custody and explained to his colleagues that they had not entered the street intentionally. Bipasha said, “Although the entire incident shocked us initially, we have a good laugh about it even today. It was great fun actually.”