PU seminar on ‘Pakistan and Global Affairs’


Punjab University (PU) Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran said on Monday the world’s circumstances are changing rapidly and there is a possibility of the start of World War-III. The vice-chancellor expressed these views while delivering a lecture on ‘Pakistan and Global Affairs’ organised by PU College of Information Technology (PUCIT), at the university’s Old Campus. He said the Russian Ministry of Defense issued a bulletin to the Russian prime minister and president, stating that Chinese President Hu Jintao has said the only way to stop the United States led aggression, was through direct and immediate military action. Russian General Nikolai Makarov said he had not ruled out local and regional armed conflicts that developed into large-scale wars involving nuclear weapons.
The vice-chancellor said: “According to Chinese Rear Admiral Zang Zhong, China would not hesitate to protect Iran even during a Third World War. The American people are making efforts for change and the internet is full of stories of torture by the American police on ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement’s protestors.” He added that America had passed the ‘National Defence Authorisation’ law on Dec 8, after which the whole world had been converted into a prison as American forces had been authorised to arrest any ‘suspect’, globally, for an indefinite period and that members of the US Senate, forces and president were on the payroll of rich American families and followed their agenda.
He said: “This group has been working for 250 years to establish ‘One World Government’. In 1890, they had had planned there would be three world wars, after which the world would be under their control. Interest-based banking concentrated money in the US.