No lawyer in Sialkot ready to take case


The case of the alleged forced rape of a female client by a local lawyer at his chamber remains in the limbo with police claiming the case was weakening due to the victims’ change of statements while the victim was running door to door to seek justice against police.
‘Presence of accused not proved’:Speaking to media, SP (Investigation) Sialkot Nasir Muneef Qureshi said, “The one and half month long police investigation by senior police officials had been unable to prove the presence of the accused lawyer on the scene of the crime.” Qureshi said the victim had been changing her statement regularly. Subsequently, he claimed the forced rape of a female client was not possible but could only be possible via the consent of the alleged victim. He said the Sialkot police had kept their doors open for the victim and the accused lawyer’s DNA had been sent for testing at a chemical laboratory at Lahore.
He said the accused lawyer was on bail before arrest granted by a local session court at Sialkot.
‘Sialkot police supporting the accused’: However, struggling to get justice, the alleged rape victim Sumera Bibi alleged Sialkot police were supporting the accused lawyer. She said no lawyer was ready to fight her case despite her knocking at every door.
Speaking to media, the accused lawyer Malik Amjad Ali Mongar Advocate refuted the allegations leveled by victim Sumera and said he was not in office when the alleged rape is said to occur.
He said Sumera had been unable to prove his guilt before either police or the special probe team of the Sialkot District Bar Association (DBA). He said Sumera was demanding Rs 0.5 million to “patch up” and withdraw the case. He said after a special probe, a special committee of the Sialkot DBA comprised of senior lawyers Mian Muhammad Azhar, Syed Liaqat Binyameen and Chaudhry Muhammad Ilyas had termed her statements ‘dubious’ after recording statements from both parties.
Character assassination: Mongar condemned the alleged character assassination by Sumera Bibi and announced he would file a Rs 50 million defamation suit against her in a local court. During the press conference, other Sialkot lawyers condemned Sumera and claimed she was blackmailing both Mongar and the entire community of lawyers in Sialkot and therefore no lawyer was ready to take her case.
According to the FIR by married woman Sumera Bibi on October 26, 2011 (one and half months ago), she was forcibly raped by a local lawyer Malik Amjad Ali Mongar at the upper portion of his chamber in front of the office of the District Police Officer (DPO) at District Courts, when she had gone there to get discussed a case.


  1. the Sumaira rape case been entered into a new phase after verfication DNA test report and it is proved that the Silakot Police DPO is also a n accused who changed the DNA test report and sybmitted a bogus DNA test report with cancellation of FIR No 456/11 with police station Civil Lines but yet the lower judiciary and sialkot Police have joined hands with the accused Malik Amjad Monghar who is avery influencial lawey of Sialkot Bar.

  2. it is habeen proved after positive DNA test that victim Sumaira was subjected to rape in the chamber of Malik Amjad Monghar

  3. All lawyers became full like an enimal in our country. Thay does which they want. No body can stop them.

  4. please read it and come farward for helping sumaira , i would like to expose some facts that actually Malik Amjad Monghar is a tout a Rana Shamim MNA Sialkot and Rana Sattar MPA is a son of Rana Shamim and both father and son have created hurdels in the way of justice

  5. sumaira Rape case is stigma at the face of Higher Judciary of Pakistan and yet the police officer have not been booked who had changed DNA report

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