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Conflict with any country not in Pakistan’s interest: Khar

Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar said on Tuesday that Pakistan would formulate policies keeping in view the supreme national interest.
The minister, while talking to media outside the Parliament, was of the view that conflict with any country was not in Pakistan’s interest.
“We do not want to end our ties with any country; we are just protecting and safeguarding our national interests.”
To a question, the minister said that during ambassadors’ conference ways to reevaluate countries policies were discussed. Pakistan’s interest was defined in the conference and the means to protect it were also discussed in detail, she said.
She said the conference also discussed the ways to move forward and make cordial ties with other countries, without compromising on the national interest. It is part of the consultation process, she asserted.
Khar informed the media men that recommendations of the conference would be sent to Parliament and its National Security Committee for approval.
“Being a supreme body, the Parliament has the authority to make polices”, she added.
Khar further said that the president, prime minister and all the institutions were on the same page.
Replying to question about NATO supply, she said the Parliament and the National Security Committee had the mandate to make the decisions.

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  1. Truly Speaking [email protected] said:

    Pakistan, just don't sell yourself.

    Starting from Badaber near Peshawar in 1960 (U2 spy mission by US) you have done repeatedly and very foolishly.

    DON'T DO IT. It is not in your national interest. You have left the world and some of its leaders bewildered with your current defiance and not compliance that your leader readily do. This was not at all in keeping with your past behaviour. You have thus proved many pundits and gurus wrong.

    Work out a policy that is not only consensus driven but also keeps your best interest at hand.

    13th December 2011

  2. Imran Hotiana said:

    Why do you call protest on such a brutal and unjustified action a conflict? It is a fundamental right of every country to safeguard it's people and territorial sovereignty. Attack on innocent people of another country is terrorism, attacking innocent people of an ally is treacherous terrorism. And, to not get bothered on attack on country's friendly armed forces and civilians and its territory is the worst kind of treachery and terrorism against one's own nation. It might not be in favor of people like you enjoying privileges at the expense of poor Pakistanis and their lives but no nation can even survive (with or without dignity) if it can not at least try to defend its sovereignty and people and to protest on any hostilities against them. With due respect the supreme body referred to has proved to be a herd of donkeys not capable of defending the country neither they proved to be SUPREME.

    • Imran Hotiana said:

      When we say Pakistan we necessarily mean territory and people of Pakistan at large. Establishment has to be subservient to the people within territorial boundaries and all shall follow an ideology that bind them together and show path to development, stability and growth. In our case establishment has become the boss of people. To be more accurate; it never ceased to be the boss since the independence that has proved to be partial or illusionary in many cases i.e. responsibilities has be shifted to the local people but rights still remain with the rulers in the west. It is not unique with us but many weaker countries are being controlled by them through establishment or ruling class who is only loyal to the west. The proof is that these people always keep their bounties in the west where they believe they can find a safe heaven after their role in respective state ends. We has fallen to this ditch of deterioration because we have lost our ideology. Our current ideology like other similar countries is a race for money and status for which we can go to any extent even sell our mother land. But, please consider… how many of our selfish rulers could find a few yards of land to accommodate their dead bodies? Not a single! Then stop selling this land of you will not find land even for your burial.

  3. US CENTCOM said:

    @ Imran – No one denies that the Salala incident has been a setback for both nations in their common war against terrorists, whose only goal is to inflict as much damage as possible on the people of the region. The incident was a tragedy, and all our leaders have sent their condolences to the people of Pakistan and to the families of those who lost their lives in this tragedy. While a high level inquiry is underway, it is time to move forward in our common quest for peace. General John R. Allen, ISAF Commander in Afghanistan, said in an interview recently, “The allegation that it was an intentional act is simply not true, defies every logic. Why would we attack Pakistan or attack Pakistani troops? As commander of ISAF and of US troops, I give you my assurance that it was not an intentional attack and it is important I say that publicly.”

  4. US CENTCOM said:

    “The allegation that it was an intentional act is simply not true, defies every logic. Why would we attack Pakistan or attack Pakistani troops? As commander of ISAF and of US troops, I give you my assurance that it was not an intentional attack and it is important I say that publicly.” He further said, “I simply call on all sides that the words we speak and the deeds we undertake do not go so far that we cannot achieve equilibrium in the end, that’s all we should seek to achieve in the end, a relationship of equilibrium in the long run. “My appeal to Pakistan is that there is a virulent insurgency and this is poised to attack Pakistan, Afghanistan and the members of ISAF.”

  5. US CENTCOM said:

    Pakistan is a dignified nation, and we totally understand its importance in the region, and that is why it is important for all of us to understand the challenges this war offers and work together so people of the region can live in peace and prosperity.

    Maj David Nevers
    DET-United States Central Command

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