Best of both worlds


Actor-singer Ali Zafar, who has turned composer for his upcoming Bollywood movie ‘London Paris New York’, promised his fans earlier that his film’s music is not going to be conventional. It seems believable every inch now that his publicist, Ammara Hikmat, has announced on Twitter:
“Ali Zafar has taken two female singers from Pakistan with some killer vocals to perk up LPNY’s music.” The names of these singers have not been disclosed yet. There is a lot of speculation amongst music enthusiasts in social media circles about QB or Hadiqa being a part of this project but nothing can be said till an official announcement comes.
Ali Zafar also expressed desire to make sounds that are fresh and wanted to experiment with genres, hence got co-star Aditi Rao to sing with him. “Normally it’s either the hero or heroine who lends his or her voice to a song. But in this case, I decided we’d both sing because Aditi has a nice, soothing voice,” he reasons. The film is eyeing a February 2012 release.


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