Asghar pledges support for Imran Khan


As another political stalwart Air Marshal (r) Asghar Khan on Monday announced his support for Imran Khan, the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) experienced the first shock of internal strife when two rival groups scuffled with each other over the entry of a former Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) minister in the party. Addressing a joint press conference at his residence with PTI chief Imran Khan, Tehrik-e-Istiqlal Pakistan chief Asghar Khan announced his support for Imran Khan. He also announced to resign as party chief and assured Imran Khan that the Tehreek-e-Istiqlal would support the PTI in the next general elections, as “both the parties had the same mission”.
“All elections held in past were rigged. If the PTI wants to bring a change in the country, it has to start a movement for free and fair elections,” he said. He praised Imran Khan and his party, saying, “The PTI is the only political party which can pull the country out of the existing turmoil.”
Asghar Khan said that he had filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court in 1996 against the disbursement of funds among politicians by the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) in 1990. “Many politicians, including Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif are among those who received money from the ISI. Nawaz got Rs 3.5 million from the ISI,” he alleged. He said that he had been waiting for the last several years, but the apex court was not taking up his case.
Speaking on the occasion, PTI chief Imran Khan appealed to the chief justice of Pakistan to hear Asghar Khan’s petition.
Imran said that his party would strive for the formation of a free election commission. “Earlier, the PTI launched a movement for an independent judiciary and now we will launch a campaign for an independent election commission.” To a query, Khan said that he would not accept any challenge from Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, because the PML-N leader “is a liar”. Earlier, a serious scuffle broke out between two groups over the inclusion of former KP irrigation minister Pervez Khattak in the PTI, minutes before the scheduled news conference of Imran at the PTI secretariat. Khattak was supposed to formally announce his decision to join the PTI in a press conference with Imran. However, due to the scuffle, Imran had to cancel the press conference.
The clash took place between the activists of PTI-Nowshera chapter and the supporters of Pervez Khattak. The PTI activists, led by PTI Nowshera Deputy President Sajid Gumaryani, shouted slogans against Khattak, calling him an opportunist and corrupt and terming his entry a negation of party ideology.
The slogans charged Khattak’s supporters who were also present inside the secretariat building and both the groups threw eggs, chairs and whatever office equipment they could get their hands on at each other.


  1. Asghar khans support for imran khan is an important news in pakistani politics.asghar khan no doubt is an honest person.

  2. khan sb you bagged a jewel there….
    but remember truffles are precious and hard to come by….great seasoning though.

  3. Why can't Imran Khan trust the people that have been loyal to him throughout the year and have struggled to make his party grow. Why does he have to bring in professional turncoat politician who just go in the direction of the wind only to benefit themselves and have no interset either in the welfare of the country or the people of the country. It is so unfair to the party worker who are loyal supporters of Imran Khan and want to bring a change in the country, yet Mr. Khan decides to bring in these professional politicians right over the head of his loyal supporters without any regard for their efforts by means of which Imran Khan is who is polically. Mr. Khan is proving to be just the same as all the other politician who only want to benefit themselves. All he wants to do is to become Prime minister and doesn't give a damn about anything or any one else.

    • My friend, so far PTI has opened doors for other politicians to join the party. It's unfair to extrapolate from the gesture that PTI has been handed over to new entrants. Remember PTI has to field close to 1000 candidates through out Pakistan. Imran Khan is not personally going to give out tickets, a committee comprised of PTI stalwarts headed by Justice Wajiuddin, or someone of similar stature will be making those decisions. 20 % of the tickets will be given to ISF office holders, 50% to PTI loyalists and 30% to new entrants. So take it easy and enjoy the ride.

      • day dreaming. Are these turncoats, lotas and thugs coming to dance or they are sincere with this country? They are only after tickets and joined PTI only after guarantees about tickets. Fraud is being committed with the youth of Pakistan.
        What Faiz Timman, Karamat Khokhar or other have to bring in terms of revolution? Jaz Khan was awarded ticket on the wishes of people? Worst kind of false claims are being aired, with no ground or reality.

        • watch out billy man!!!… Asghar khan, The former leader of Nawaz sharif, is going to expose his links with the ISI…:lolz…XD!!!!!

  4. I wasted around seven precious years with Asghar Khan. He wasted his life time. Thousands of youth wasted over 15 years in his Chakkar. His insaafpassandi is this that in each city he use to stay in HiFi homes not in the home of a common worker. Alas! Asghar Khan gave nothing to Pakistan except the Martial Law of Gen. Zia ul Haque. Allah Hafiz…AK…. Tariq Khan.

  5. It does not auger well that Asghar Khan appeal for I.K. because it is curse upon Asghar Khan that he never won in election. I know him very well. He even could not win from his village and city.

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