The democratic parties


When one surveys the democratic credentials of our political parties as against dynastic leanings, it becomes apparent that there are only three genuine democratic parties in the field. These are JI, PTI and MQM which do not have a dynastic policy and have a transparent record of election of their leaders. The other parties, PPP, PML(N), PML(Q), ANP and JUI, have a dynastic record of party leadership and they have not been able to get out of its clutches.

As such if the three pro-democracy parties could join together to win the next election we could hope to bury the dynastic parties whom the nation is sick of. These parties only tend to perpetuate their stranglehold on the nation by nominating their wards as future leaders to perpetuate their rule to the loss of the nation. These parties have not been able to build a single large hydroelectric dam in spite of their two-third majority in the past.




  1. How can MQM qualify their credentials as a democratic party given their involvement in target killings, extortion, kidnapping for ransom and in the murder of journalists like Wali Babar, Salahuddin etc. This is a party headed by a man who is a British national, has sworn his loyalty and allegiance to UK, even to the extent of doing whatever is required of a British national to safeguard their national interest. How can such a man lead a political party which is based in Pakistan and yet qualify as a democratic party. If MQM is not a party based on dynastic politics, than it should replace their leader with a man or woman having just a Pakistani nationality.

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