PPP custodian of constitution, democracy: Babar Awan


Former Federal Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs Dr Babar Awan said on Sunday that Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) is the custodian of Constitution, democracy and rights of people and will foil all conspiracies against democratic system in the country.
In his telephonic address to ‘Istehkam-e-Pakistan’ Rally of PPP leaders and workers, which started from Haq Nawaz Park and culminated in front of Press Club, Awan said PPP had a long history of sacrifices for the rule of law, democracy, constitutional supremacy and protection of peoples’ rights. He said PPP leaders Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto had sacrificed their lives but did not compromise on the rights of people.
He said the PPP’s founder Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had given a unanimous constitution to the country in 1973 that has made the country intact. Following his footsteps, he said the present government has restored the Constitution in its original form. Dr Babar Awan said Zardari is the only President, who returned his powers back to the Parliament and criticism against him was tantamount not accepting the verdict of the parliament. He said President Asif Ali Zardari has raised the slogan of ‘Pakistan Kapay’ at a critical time when people were furious and enraged after the martyrdom of Benazir Bhutto.