Free electricity for all… that is if KESC gets its billion rupees


The row between the Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) and the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) has intensified after the power utility announced on Sunday that the reason behind its financial claim in the defamation notice sent to the KCCI is to use the Rs 1 billion to purchase fuel for power generation and then provide electricity free of charge to its consumers. On the other hand, the KCCI has convened a meeting of all seven trade associations of the city and prominent industrialists to respond to the legal notice issued to two of its leaders by the KESC. The KESC had issued a legal notice to Mian Abrar and Siraj Kassam Teli, the current and former presidents of the KCCI, on December 8. The power utility had demanded both the KCCI leaders to issue an immediate apology in response to the defamatory remarks written against the KESC in their letters written to the prime minister and the president. In view of the KCCI’s defamatory letters and their engaging in a constant smear campaign against the power utility, the KESC issued a legal notice of Rs 1 billion to Abrar and Teli. According to the KESC, after being served the defamation notice, the KCCI leaders have been trying to garner support from the KCCI body’s members by telling them that the notice has been served to all the KCCI members. According to the notice, in the event the two industrialists fail to provide an unconditional and full apology within seven days, the KESC would commence legal proceedings against them. The notice said the offensive remarks made by the two KCCI members has injured the good name and professional reputation of the KESC, which has taken innovative steps since the present management took over in September 2008 and has enhanced its generation capacity by 400MW as well as added 560MW after its Bin Qasim plant came online, of which 350MW had already been commissioned.


  1. Just getting those punks at the KESC to give us electricity when we pay for it would be a miracle in its self.
    Free electricity? Don't make me laugh!

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