Tom Cruise, Anil Kapoor bonding ‘big time’


After his recent visit to India, Tom Cruise has become a really close friend of Anil Kapoor. Says Kapoor: “I have a very small cameo in ‘MI4’. In fact it is the smallest role of my career. But what I’ve achieved is more than a role. I’ve made a friend. Tom and I have a lot in common.”
He admits the two are much closer now than they were during the making of ‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol’, so much so that Cruise persuaded Kapoor to accompany him to the Dubai premiere of the film. The two flew out together on Cruise’s private jet.
“And as we spoke during his visit to India and then when we flew together in his jet to Dubai, we realised we started our careers in the same way. He told me about how he got his first film, ‘Taps’. I told him about my beginnings,” the Bollywood actor said. “I told him how as a child I stole from my mother’s gulag (piggybank) to see films…He said he too ran away from home to watch films but not with stolen money. He sold newspapers to make money.
So I joked with him that he started earning young while I started as a thief,” he says. “Yes, we’ve been bonding big time. I even made him say ‘jhakaas’ on the red-carpet. And he said it effortlessly,” says Kapoor.