Why this Kolaveri Di????


The song Kolaveri Di which is being appreciated all over the world has also put people in confusion as they are thinking what is so special about this song that it has got over 5 million hits on YouTube so quickly. People are discussing the song on YouTube and social websites. It looks as if there are two teams; one is supporting the song while the other one is calling it a flop.
Saviosdb from India commented about the song on YouTube, “Very Creative and Intersting….keep it up guys…This is our generation.” While Tamseel Salahuddin from Bahrain said, “There is nothing good about this stupid song, I hate it truly madly deeply.”

But the question is still there that why ‘this Kolaveri Di’???. In fact the response towards the song is itself the reason. Not only the public but some big names also could not help talking about the song.
Indian film actor Amitabh Bachan tweeted, “Just heard Kolaveri Di after much talk on it … its so original and catchy ..congrats Dhanush and Aishwarya (Rajni’s daughter) .. love.”
Indian Singer Sonu Nigam made his little kid sing this song that has also got 2,013,550 hits so far.
Tamil singers Nakkeeran & Yegavaani translated the song and produced its Tamil version. The singer says, “After a long wait for a Tamil version, I’ve decided to make one myself. All credit goes to Dhanush & Anirudh for the original music, melody and concept. Hope you’ll enjoy this song in Tamil too.”
Some people have mixed this song with funny videos while chipmunk version is also there to be a part of the talk.
The song is part of Rajini’s daughter, Aishwarya’s directorial debut, 3, starring her actor-husband, Dhanush opposite Shruti Haasan.
The song, in the movie, is sung by a drunk guy who is dumped by a girl. The lyrics ‘Why this Kolaveri di’ means “Why did you do this to me” or “Why you dumped me”.
Dhanush said while talking to a newspaper “It feels nice when people are open with their praise for your work. I honestly didn’t think the song would be such a craze. This has made me realise that people universally want only simple lyrics and simpler tune from filmmakers. My poor broken English lyrics, written in a silly tone and borderline singing has proved to be advantageous for the success of this song.”
Cutting short, people took this song according to their taste and yes there are different opinions about ‘Kolaveri Di’ but one thing is obvious that the song has become a rage.


  1. Chera to be man to hamishe to be man badi mikoni…. ….
    Man ahanga az tahe del mikhoonam az del shekastegi
    Pas hame dasta bala o begin kolaveri kolaveri di…
    In dokhtar ghalba mana mishkoone bikhiale hamechi.

    Farsi lyrics to kolaveri di by Shabahang

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