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LCWU employees to protest outside CM House

Around 400 lower-scale employees of Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) will jointly refuse to perform duties from Monday (December 12) and are set to launch a movement against the varsity administration for not accepting their demand for provision of basic rights, Pakistan Today learnt on Friday.
Employees demanded Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Shahbaz Shrif and Governor and Chancellor Sardar Latif Khosa take notice of the rampant corruption, favouritism and issues of the minorities at LCWU, and that they be given equal rights as per the Pakistan’s constitution. LCWU’s lower-scale employees, from scale one to 16 are ready to give a tough time to the new VC Dr Sabiha Mansoor, who according to them, is not in a position to run the affairs of the varsity and is not interested in solving the issues of the lower-scale employees.
LCWU’s 400 lower-scale employees, including 350 males and around 50 females, have jointly been observing a peaceful protest for the past 10 days by wearing black armbands. Now, when the administration was not ready to listen, they have refused to perform their duties from December 12 and would observe a protest against the VC outside the CM house.
Issues pertaining to their services and promotions are central in their charter of demands. According to a member of LCWU’s employees union, they would continue protesting against VC Sabiha Mansoor and her recently established group till their demands were met, adding that they would also burn their effigies outside CM house.
LCWU PRO Anwer Kahn, however, said there was no registered employees union at the varsity and those protesting were doing so for their own vested interests. He said the allegations against the administration were false, adding that the VC was doing a lot for the development of the varsity and that the morale of the varsity was improving. He said that VC believed in the welfare of her employees, which was why she had set up the employees welfare fund, adding that these employees were trying to create trouble to disturb the peaceful environment of the university.

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  1. Anonymous said:

    the VC cant control the university..she can just sit talk or blame others for her own acts. a very poor administrator.
    shes a very dirty woman. she cant stand people who work then she is against all science programs as she has mentioned in one of her speech that she wants to finish off science and promote social sciences like arts instead.
    she cant compete dr bushra mateen in any way..shes a complete loser. she has changed the atmosphere of university. she is in favour of promoting nudism, has allowed girls to use mobile phones, has the gates opened for men to enter the university..lcwu was known for its "sharafat" but now when ms sabiha herself enters the university she is in see through clothes. what to talk of the mahol she is developing. and for proving herself true she'll just terminate ppl. she is actually insecure.

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