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Zardari responsible for speculations: Abbasi

PPP senator Safdar Abbasi has said that President Asif Ali Zardari is responsible for the spreading rumors about himself.
Talking to the media outside Parliament house here on Friday, Abbasi said if the president was ill and was abroad, then the prevailing situation would not arise if the presidential spokesman would apprise the people and media of the factual position.
Commenting on the current situation of the country, he said unemployment was rampant and government was paying no heed to it. As a result, people were losing confidence in parliament and the political parties, he stressed. He urged the parliament and the political parties to make effort to restore people’s confidence in them.
Prime Minister should take into considerations all these factors, he added. It was responsibility of Prime Minister to focus on improving the security situation and take along all political parties on national issues, he underlined.
Responding to a question about Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, he said Bilawal was still a child and he had not attained such age that he could contest elections. He would have to work with prudence in the coming days and would have to take every step with full consideration like his mother and grand father, Abbasi held.

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  1. david said:

    Bilawal poor guy, clueless, apparently shaking his head like a hill billy.
    Safdar sb be kind and take the initiative, you and your wife understand the legacy of BB better then most clowns (aka…baber and malik)
    like it or not, left to their devices, they will surely self destruct and also do irreparable damage to Pakistan.

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