Here comes the ‘Sharif princess’


Maryam Nawaz, elder daughter of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Nawaz Sharif, made her political debut on Thursday by addressing a PML-N Women Wing Convention at the Al-Hamra Hall. She disclosed that it took her three years to convince her father to allow her to enter politics. Maryam said that she was indebted to the people of Lahore for the affection shown towards her and committed to serve them best. Responding to allegations about assets of her family, Maryam said that her family made rigorous efforts, established factories and earned a legitimate income. She said that during exile, the Sharifs preferred hard work instead of being fed by the Saudi Royal family and established a factory in Saudi Arabia. Maryam termed Nawaz as the one and only person to challenge the status quo in the country. She said that only the PML-N could protect the ideological and geographical boundaries of the country in a befitting manner.


  1. Imran rightly said " Ch Nisar aap jitni khidma karlai, aana Hamza Sharif ko hi hai". Now, Marium is also here.

    Imran push them to the state of despearation. Whole family utar jai magar PML-N kai din ab nahi aingai. InshaAllah.

  2. Simply rejected because she came in politics to protect hide her father and uncles illegal income assets with the support of youth and women. Imran Khan is next prime minister of PAKISTAN inshAllah. Youth REJECT them dengue Brother and his family.

  3. how brave these ELITES are, whatever they have doing wtih their female political workers and the way they have been doing politics on the personal lives of their rivals its something strange indeed..

  4. well,,please take the women this time away from the politics…i personally discourage their entrance….they come just for the fame and money….

  5. Simply rejected because she came in politics to protect hide her father and uncles illegal income assets with the support of youth and women. Imran Khan is next prime minister of PAKISTAN inshAllah. Youth REJECT them dengue Brother and his family.

  6. her political start is too pathetic…Punjab govt. forced the lecturers and principals of women colleges/univ’s to com with the students to shown his gathering as a mob………she is rejected

  7. what a shame. one more Sharif. If it continues like this. we we 'll have all the top ministries, presdient and PM, filled by a Sharif. what a pathetic family.

  8. If the males are inefficient,corrupt, then ladies have to come as late Benazir,, Politics is always made dirty by dirty politicians.. Someone said Imran,, He is a big dogder in game,,why People cant understand his talks,,style..? People shall select someone better than all these corrupts,,greedy of fame & power.. Who accepts bad people in his party can never be fair.. I never beleive this cricketer.. We cant elect another zardari type for next 5 yrs,,IF..this zardari goes,, I prefer zardari to stay instead another one,,if we cant get a true leader… We have no time for experiments for every 5 yrs..let one yr probationary,then extension each yr on performance basis…constitition be amended,,but the makers are corrupts,,,they make laws for their benefit and to rule the poor/weaker… Let Mr.Edhi president & Dr. Qadeer khan prime minister..or some better than those… We dont want old bad corrupt faces to be seen in govt next time..less imran the player…

  9. imran khan is security risk to pakistanand very cleverly making youth fool with help of jewish lobby. Get up pplz dont trust IK. See the map of pakistan flag in his karachi jalsa advertisement, kashmir portion is eliminated from pak flag in his ad. He is traitor.

  10. Father, Uncle, brother in law, husband, now herself. why dont they just ban non sharifs to PML and name PML as Sharif Family Party. Then name Pakistan Sharifstan. I bet that's what Nawaz has in mind. Plz vote IK. He is the only man who makes me somewhat hopeful for Pak.

  11. Yeah Sharif kasa right wing siyasat dan hein. Sara shrabi and kababi. Nawaz Sharif ka Kim Barker scandal etc. Shabaz Sharif 5 shadean and countless scandals. Hamza Shabaz ka Ayesh Ahad scandal.

  12. What about her admission in KE. is that was legal. ? how she got admission in KE when she was not upto merit. When Nawaz Sharif was PM. Due to her, a Intelligent Person is not a Doctor today. before her political career . She waste Govt money (Our tax) and nt even complete MBBS so in her eye our money has no value . Now you can judge what will she do with our money (TAX) and merit system.

  13. mian sahib ney bb sheed key ji key sath mil kar as awerat fatwey dey tehe ab ji aur mian sahib keya kheny gey


  15. It is better to keep female out of the pakistan politics. Pakistan politics has such a worse and disrespectful than other countries like USA, UK. Nawaz sharif knows but how come he drag his daughter behind the politics to be part of it………..

  16. why do the press even bother reporting on these yoyo's? They have got stolen wealth from the hard working honest people, and are chamcha's of one country or another. Why cant we have a non chamcha to run for president.

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