Bal Thackeray’s granddaughter marries a Muslim


Extremist Hindu party Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray’s granddaughter Neha Gupta married a Gujarati Muslim in Mumbai on December 4, media reports said. Neha is the daughter of Bal Thackeray’s eldest son late Bindumadhav. Neha, 25, has married Muhammad Nabi, 27, son of an old friend of Bindumadhav and Raj Thackeray. The marriage has further cemented the family’s bond with the MNS leader. The entire family, excluding Bal Thackeray, attended the wedding at Hotel Taj Lands End. Neha’s mother Madhavi Thackeray welcomed guests like Manohar Joshi, Ram Kadam, Ashish Shelar, Gopal Shetty, Nitin Sardesai and wife Swati, Mangesh Sangle, Shirish Parkar, Shishir Shinde and others. Raj Thackeray, too, attended the reception, along with his wife and sons, reports said.


  1. it does not make a difference, Muslim men are not allowed to marry Hindu women, so the man she married must be secular otherwise she would have converted.

    • true…
      just as much it might be shameful to the DON, it's a bigger sin in Islam to marry a women outside the 4 holy books follower. yes, she SHOULD convert to validate this nikah otherwise, this Nikah is Invalid anyways.
      and children outside a wedlock are not legal either…sad, rather sad. he must be one of those muslims, born with that tag, celebrates diwali harder than eid… May ALLAH bless all with the wisdom and deeds that keep us closer to HIM, and away from Evil at all times….Ameen!!

      • Also, this is not so much as a "victory" for Muslims. We as Muslims are at loss here because when she has children, she is only going to teach them the Hindu ways. So this really is nothing to write home about. Shame on this Muslim guy. He disobeyed Allah for a Mushrik girl. India kay Muslims ka Allah hi Hafiz hai…

    • Syed Zafar, go and screw yourself. You are not a judge saying Moslem can not marry Hindu.
      Who the hell are you ?
      No wonder, our country Pakistan is sinking because of guys like you thinking nothing other than religion.
      I rather chose to Free Thinker.

  2. if u love dnt have problem with muslim then why ur forcking hindous to kill muslim and all u stupid . u should pass the msg of love mr Bal Thackeray . i know its a gud sign tht ur granddaughter marri with a muslim guy . so y u dnt stop hating muslims dude

    • hate breeds hate my friend. I hope that muslims also shed their false anger over hindus and enjoy the common indentiy of INDIANS. Bal Thackrey is a person but the muslims like gazni mohammed, moghuls (except akbar), and many other muslim rulers ruined our civilisations. We have forgot all this as this is history.

      Please denounce pakistan's ranting that kashmir is pakistan because of muslim majority. Then you get more respect as a community. In fact I dont feel any of this ill feelings when i am with my muslim friends or interact with normal muslims. but when i see people pointing fingers at other i feel i have to remind that a couple of fingers are also pointing at you.

    • you idiot….we are not all the same. You moron, kabi dafa ho k ja k kisi hindustani page par apni oqat dekh lo. you would find out by yourself k what do they think of you.

      • india has second largest number of muslims in the world but living happily . See evry day fights and killing elsewher in world including muslim nations .hundreds of muslims are dying every day in their internal their so called own country. aaare ahamadias getting fair treatment ? Are shias feel safe in Sunni countries ? In India all Bohras Ismaily Parsi shias and sunnis
        etc live safly and happily Touch your heart .!

    • she will be killed along with the guy she is gonna get married. of course unless he converts to islam in which case your question doesn't arises.

      its a open secret in india, you marry a muslim girl, you, your wife and your babies if born would be murdered brutally.

      the medieval honour killing still part of indian society, specially in muslim community.

      • What have you been smoking? What "open secret" are you talking about? In Urban India multi-cultural and multi-religion marriages are a common thing. India is moving ahead while we still have our mind in the gutter thinking they are killing Muslims or why are non-Muslims not converting to our religion. Start moving with the times otherwise you will be left behind.

    • 100% agreed with Mariyam. These hypocrites only talk about Shiv Sena. How about Sharukh married a Hindu and have 2 children (one in Muslim name and another in Hindu name), having mandir inside his house, he reads quran and geeta too.. and Amir Khan.. and Hirtik Roshan married a muslim girl..
      This is secular India.. not like our Pakistanis 99% of them do talk about religion all the time, but all of them are crooks.

  3. kon sa acha kam kia hai.ak muslim male ehal-e-kitab auort se to shadi kr skta hai lekin mushrik auort se shadi ni kr skta untill she ambrass islam. agr neha sahiba ne shadi se pehle islam qabool kr lia hai tb to bohat achi bat hai k ak kattar muslim opponent faimly ki larki islam se mutasir hui, islam qabool kia aor shadi ki. lekin agr nabi sahib ne us larki k sath uski mushrik state of religon me shadi ki to ye aik afsosnak aor layeqe sharm bat hai. dekhen jee jo insan butto (idols) ki pooja krta hai iska mtlab hai wo Allah k sath ibadat me kisi aor chhez ko b shreek thehrata hai, so aisa insan mushrik kehlata hai. hindu religon me chunkeh butto he ki pooja ki jati hai lehaza tmam hindu mushrik hote hain aor ak muslim male ko mushrik khatoon se shadi ki ijazt ni hai. go keh hindu religon is cheez ko bura ni smjta aor hmen b islam mana krta hai k aise logo ki dil azari na kren, un k khudaon ko bura bhala na kahen kahi aisa na ho unko bura lage aor wo Allah ko bura bhala kahen badlay me. this comment is nt to creat hatter among muslimz and hinduz bt to express my thoughts as a brother in islam on marriage of a muslim brother who is becoming populer due to this marriage. if any hindu religon person got hurt due to my comment i oppologiz.

    • i dont know ye muslims kab sudhrenge???????????????????????/
      dont know kyu inhe aisa lagta hai k there religion is best y they want to convert everyone in to islam??????????????
      shame on u really…………….
      plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz for allah sake respect each n every religion otherwise only u have to pay for this

      • it is not the matter of conversion in islam…
        it's the matter of conditions in our religion
        do your religion doesn't contain any condition????
        we respect your religion but also don't allow you guys to spoil our religion.

  4. Lets be clear either one has Iman or No Iman. Quran prefers Muslim spouses and discourages inter faith marriages of Muslim men to non Muslim women, unless the women embrace Islam…the verse goes like this in Holy Quran:[al-Noor 24:32] And marry those among you who are single (i.e. a man who has no wife and the woman who has no husband) and (also marry) the Salihoon (pious, fit and capable ones) of your (male) slaves and maid-servants (female slaves). If they be poor, Allah will enrich them out of His Bounty. And Allah is All-Sufficent for His creatures needs, All-Knowing (about the state of the people).
    If wife continue to be non -Muslim then think of Fatima and Ali, Umar and Usman to be born and how would they be trained in a mixed faith

  5. well no need to celebrate, its not something which comes in between war of religion…This is no a “Run away” marriage its totally arranged and any thing to bewail is the loss of thousands Muslim and some other who lost their life to impose religious Supremacy.

    • Hardcore Hindu Fundamentalist party BJP elected APJ Abdul Kalam as president. Nazma Heptulla as speaker. Nakvi and Shahnawaz Hussain as Spokespersons.

      So called Extremely hardcore Hindu 'terrorist' Bal Thackery Invites Pak Cricket Team to dinner. His Grand Daughter Marries Muslims….. !

      if Thackery is Against Bangladeshi Intruders , he was called Anti Muslim ! He is against non Maharashtrians too regardless of Religion ! .

      Top Muslim Scholar (Mr Vastanvi ,former VC of Dar Ul Ulum ) praises Gujarat that Gujarat Muslim are better than other states …. That is under So called hardcore Narendra Modi !

      Even RSS have Muslim branch !

      My Dear Pakistani Brothers and Sisters, if, These are Hardcore Hindu then imagine common Hindus !.

      My Dear India se haath milakar to dekho. India will bring you out from perplexed situation (US, Israel, Iran, Afghanistan, China, Saudi Arabia)

      Don't get overdriven by false Anti India emotions. And please dont relate each and everything to Religion.
      Religion should be private and individual practice.

      This is power of democracy and Secularism.

  6. I am surprised at this excitment among my muslim brothers about a non muslim girl marrying a muslim. a great religion like Islam has been reduced to women and terrorism.
    When a hindu, sikh, christian etc marries a muslim ,it is a great victory for the relgion and ifMuslim girls marry a nn muslim,she is a whore who should be killed.
    Holding no brief for Thackeray, he proved better than millions of fantatic muslims.He did not get that muslim chap killed or put her grand daughter in house arrest.Therewas a proper marriage reception.No bomb blast by hindu fanatics.No condemenation,no demonstration that Hinduism in danger.Just put that thing in perspective in Pakistan.If any top leader's daughterhad married a non muslim–either that fellow would have been killed or the leader would have comitted suicide,or women stoned to death.Can you ever imagine a musilm leader holding a reption of her daughter marrying a non muslim in Pakistan
    You can not tolerate one percent miniorty.and I think you people live in a stone age.I have seen Pakistanis abroad and their beheaviour.I agree with Salman Rushdee-Pakistan sucks.

    • drinking tubs of cowpee has infected ur brains with sheer nonsense.i thought this incident would open urself to see some reality,that all those idiots who profess u to kill,murder,demean fellow minorities and espouse hindutva terrorism are themselves taking relations with muslims to different levels.but ,its same cunning dumb slavish mentality that answers…….


  8. this is certainly not a very clear prohibition of marriges between different religions but warning of the difficulties of parenthood in bringing up children in a situation of parents of different faiths. If this is the only ayat on the subject than the subject is open to interpretation.

  9. This goes to demonstrate India's commitment and strong belief in a truly secular state where all religions enjoy equal protection. Can it be said about Pakistan?

  10. this just shows how religion means nothing to either parties. can't comment on thakhrey's set of beliefs and morals, but a muslim man is under no circumstances allowed to marry a mushrikah. end of story…all those people getting happy that a "muslim" man has become on-up to the "hindu" thakray should first question the legitimacy of this marriage. may we all be guided. ameen.

  11. Disappointed to see most comments…it really speaks volumes of sick muslim mentality. thackerey, despite his political aspirations and ultra fundamentalist hindu mentality, blessed his daughter at her marriage. it shows for the happiness of his granddaughter he is ready to do anything. Just compare this with the hypocrite jinnah, who married a parsi, but didn't allow his daughter to marry one. of course he ate pork and drank whisky but sill people consider him an example for Pak Muslims. Pathetic. Thousands of mixed religious marriages take place in India. Its really a sign the country is doing well, at least in the field of love. forget politics and other things.

  12. what the big deal. A lot muslim girls in the usa are marring indian men of various religions predominantly hindus

  13. hum aisa comments nahi karna chahie hamara islam yeh nahi kahta hamara kaam hai logo ko achchai ki dawat dena untak iman pahunchana yeh comments se non believers ko taklif hoti hamara maqsad islam yani aman hai

  14. hi i need phone number of bal thakrey becuase in pakistan hindu girls are forced to accept islam.plz save our lives plz help us.

  15. on 27 febury a girl was first kidnapped and after 3 days she forced to accept islam.
    hindus are not protected by govt of pakistan.

  16. such type of marriage is not permitted in Islam if the girl is not converted to Islam …Simple then don't convert.converting is not the be all and end all of life.Living happily is more important.religion will not help in this

  17. Excuse me – read the Quran – a muslim man can marry a non-muslim girl without her having to convert. A muslim woman cannot marry a non-muslim man without having HIM convert to Islam. God you people are so ignorant and speak about knowing religion. LOLS. Hilarious the level of idiocity in your uneducated minds.

  18. Ek aisa insaan jo hazron muslims ka qatil hai, aur sari nafrat religious bunyadon p phelata hai, agar us ki aulad kisi muslim k saath rishta jorti hai tou is ka matlab hai k woh banda (Bal Thakre) religion ko use lar k zaati mfaadat k liye qatal karwata hai aur mein us ke comments sunina chahta hoon……

  19. As per information available on net it is not surprising. if Bal Thackeray is attending the marriage ceremony it mean son of Gujarati is nor Muslim his name is like non Hindu. it is impossible that a Muslim cultured a person can make entry in Bal Thackeray's family.

  20. Neha Thackeray has really proved that she loves Islam in her inner in every inches.Allah tallala bless upon her and loving grand father and allow them to accept Islam.

    • Jinnah's only child, a daughter, married a Zoroastrian and settled down in Bombay. Their descendants, the Wadias of Bombay Dyeing fame, have never visited Pakistan


  22. religion is adopted by people from parents or by whom they are brought up. I believe love is supreme. Live and let live. World and beliefs has grown up to live with love.

  23. it is interested i.e. reading 20% comments. congratualtion for marriage. please do not break marriage, congratuate to all those who want to do same like him n her. pl do not faith on one marriage, take chance again n again, once you will foudn v good match. althogh suggested to muslims

  24. this makes india united because we will not issue a fatwa when such thing happens. India has moved on in its thinking. I am proud that no one has given this too much importance in india.

  25. Jinnah's only child, a daughter, married a Zoroastrian and settled down in Bombay. Their descendants, the Wadias of Bombay Dyeing fame, have never visited Pakistan

  26. what is this going on,,,,do you people know what kind of brutal process we are applying on our religion islam,, we are totally changing it's true spirit…do you people agree that a muslim men can't merry to a mushrik girl…?
    it's a question mark on our face,knowledge and parent 's instruction that in which environment they has brought up their children..

  27. shiv sena is extremely fortunate to have married a muslim. may allah ease for her to become a good muslim.

  28. Well said TahirKheli. Muslim men can only marry 'Women of the Book' i.e. Jews and Christians without the latter two having to convert to Islam. However, they CANNOT marry a mushrikah (i.e a Hindu who practices polytheism or anyone else like Sikhs etc) unless she convert to Islam first. So this 'Muslim' man (like all those so-called 'Muslim Indian' actors) cannot be much of a Muslim in the first place if he married Thackery's mushriq spawn.

    And I bet this Hindu wedding has his blessing in reality as it's good PR for him to pretend that he is not a vindictive, hateful Muslim oppressor. He's just gained grandson in law who's as much a bhoot-poojne wala as he is. If anything, we should send Asma Jahangir to be his grand-daughter's co-wife.

  29. is m naya kya hai jis ke marzi jis se chahe shadi kare ye media wale bakwas khabren deten hain

  30. Poor all you… Neha is not Neha Gupta and she did not marry any "Muhammad Nabi"

    She is Neha Thackeray and she married Manan Thakkar

    Apply your brains idiots, if you have any, Thackeray's grand daughter will have his surname not GUPTA.

    You people are Dumb as always

  31. Wel done Mr Thakuray.This act of yours should at least bring change in your attitude and stop hating Muslims.If you do anything good people do appreciate and we appreciate this gesture but it must be translated in to reality

  32. who dare u say a converted hindu a muslim
    any converted muslim of india and almost whole of porkistan are converted u have absued womb of your mother they all should be treated as bastard and not acceptable like parsis


    • all converted muslims and so called muslim should be treated as abstd they are not muslims and neither be like parsis who

  33. Ye saala chutiya hai.. Anti- Bihar and UP and begger of votes..Saala apne ghar ki beti to sambhalti nahi hai chala hai pure desh ki betiyon ko sambhalne ke liye.. Khud ki poti ne muslim se shaadi kar li aur dusron ka jaatiwaad me karwa ke ladwa raha hai. Saala ek pair kabar me hai lekin gundagardi karne se baaz nahi aata hai hai.. Behanchod hai saala. madharchod hai.. Iski to..

  34. Dr Zakir Naik daughter got engaged in Ayodhya with a Hindu boy, and they are getting married very soon.

  35. hindus hav welcome a entire nation into d country,cant dey enter a muslim into d religion,tats shiva sena,i am a big fan of bal thackre ji,i luv ü sir

  36. c she did the best for herself dude .. think big , v r not allowed by your parent they parent r too great good keep it up

  37. Wrong information is given above regarding the bride parents,,Neha Gupte is not a daughter of BinduMadhav (BINDA)Thackeray,she is the grand daughter of Mr Bal Thackerays cousin Mr Vilas Gupte,and married to a Muslim guy named Mohammed Nabi,,,,still ther is little bit confusion lying here and let me clear it cause name of the BinduMadhav (Binda)Thackeray daughter name is also a Neha,,but the 1st one who married to Mohammed Nabi her full name is Neha Vilas Gupte,,and the 2nd Neha,daughter of Bindumadhav(Binda)Thackeray,a real grand daughter of Bal Thackeray she too married to a Muslim guy named Abdul Mannan.

  38. Ther is no doubt that thackry sahib was a dangours enemy for the muslims but in inner he was kind hearted hunmn and therefore he handed over his beloved granddauuhter to a muslim.Every human is composition of good and evil.I here pray for his seccesesors that May Allah accept them for the safety of Islam and bleess upon Neha Mannan who is now our daughter and sister,

  39. I have affair with muslim girl…name is suhana…i want to marry er…islam permits her to marry me or not…she will…uske pet mai mera baccha hai dosto…kuch to batao ??

  40. Totally rubbish , he is a hindu his name is mañana thakkar he is son of binda' friend. Binda was Thackeray elder son

  41. In love there should not be any caste barriers. Lets lover decide there own life. All blood is red, and God is one. We all stupid made 1000 gods. So please help lovers always.

    God is always with them.

  42. Pay your heartfelt tribute to an Indian politician who was founder and Chief of Shiv Sena, a right-wing Marathi ethnocentric party,
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