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Has social media overshadowed traditional marketing?

The author raises some interesting issues regarding the increased role of social media in modern day marketing. Facebook is becoming a great tool for marketers and the impact and penetration of social media have become too great for the companies to ignore. It is certainly a great article and after a long time, I have read an article that has engaged the readers despite it being written on a boring topic. The writer has raised very valid points with regard to the continuous evolution of social media and its impact on our lives. Companies now need to invest in their online marketing strategies in order to survive, those that fail to do so will struggle.

Ahmad Shah

Babar Nizami

The writer is Chief Operating Officer, Pakistan Today. He tweets at @bnizami.

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  1. Max Lindenberg said:

    To some extent, I'd say it has. After all, even the most expansive traditional technique will be hard-pressed to match the ease and greatly reduced cost a social media campaign offers.

  2. Matthew Collins said:

    I have to admit that social media marketing does have quite the edge these days. Still, I wouldn't consider traditional methods completely useless. There are still some things the typically more up close and personal traditionals are better at than anything that involves sitting at a computer.

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