GEPCO workers threaten to shut down power


Gujranwala Electric Power Company (GEPCO) workers on Thursday threatened to stop the power supply by closing the grid station against the privatization of Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) and the appointments of private sector employs in GEPCO in a huge demonstration held at GEPCO headquarters in Gujranwala. Thousands of workers staged a protest in front of GEPCO office and marched to Sailkoti Gate to demonstrate against the privatization of the PEPCO.
CBA (Collective Bargaining Agents) Gujranwala chapter Chairman talking to Pakistan Today said the government was appointing unprofessional people from the private sector as chief executives in GEPCO to pave the way for privatization. He said that we strongly condemn the policy of privatization and will strive till the last drop of our blood to stop the privatization of GEPCO. He said the incompetent government had, instead of solving the issues, set out to destroy national institutions like PIA and steel mill and now PEPCO. He maintained that instead of ensuring the provision of funds to existing power plants, they spent billion of rupees on futile projects like rental power plants to earn huge commissions. He said that the appointments of private sector people in PEPCO should be stopped immediately. He said, “GEPCO engineers are with us and we will shut down the power supply if our demands are not met till 14th of this month.”
Pakistan Trade Union Defense Campaign (PTUDC) Central Executive Adam Pal said privatization will leave thousands of workers unemployed and allow an unchecked hike in power prices. He said a lesson should be learnt from the failure of the privatization of Karachi Electric Supply Company. He added that PTUDC and workers from all the other institutions like PTCL and other institutions welcomed the strike call and would extend their support.


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