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Zardari’s medical check-up sparks resignation rumours

Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari was undergoing what his office said on Wednesday were routine medical tests in a Dubai hospital, but which fuelled rumours of his possible resignation.
Zardari’s office said a news web report, which kicked off much of the speculation, was untrue. Financial markets were unaffected by the rumours.
“President Asif Ali Zardari is in a Dubai hospital for medical tests and check-up as planned,” presidential spokesman Farhatullah Babar told Reuters.
“Reports in some sections of the media speculating on the president’s activities and engagements are speculative, imaginary and untrue.”
Twitter and other social media were awash in contradictory information. In one span of 20 minutes, micro-bloggers had placed Zardari in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia.
Some speculated the president would travel to the Britain, or return to Pakistan by the end of the week. Others suggested the president had suffered a “minor heart attack” and may resign.
Rumours also circulated on Twitter of an army takeover on Tuesday night, but that was quickly recanted by the original poster.
“Some elements blew up this to create unrest in the country,” said Fauzia Wahab, a senior member of Zardari’s Pakistan People’s Party. “His visit to Dubai and having medical check up is perfectly normal.”

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  1. A Reader said:

    (May he live long and have a happy healthy life. May he stand trial/ trials that he has been successfully evading with the help of his cronies)

    If President dies through natural causes in service he would be entitled to a state funeral and estate would go to his children.

    Legal Question

    Would the children be responsible to provide reasons for the millions squandered over the years? He has certainly lived beyond his means but would he go escort free.

    • Well Wisher said:

      I have heard that the opposition and the forces chief will not attend his address to the parliament.

  2. asim said:

    President knows the condition of local hospitals thats why decided to go abroad for treatment…

  3. Shabbir Jatoi said:

    wait & watch ………… He remains on same postion for next 5 years may be the next after completion of coming 5 years tenure.

  4. Naureen Ahmed said:

    Who knows, his private jet might crash halfway through to the homeland! Yes indeed, wishful thinking, what’s the harm!:p

    • Haris said:

      Sure more bad luck will overtake us if those siting in opposition replace him. He is at least shrewd enough to steer ship of this weak federation along. Imagin what wud happen if GT Road Party or Cricketers of Lahore come to power

  5. rana imran advocate said:

    my almighty God plz give a happy news like.
    Zardari is no more……………

  6. Ahad said:

    This is not why the people voted PPP to power, so that the state exchequer could be vandalized, corrupt incompetent semi literate cronies appointed to demolish state assets like Railways, PIA, NICL, OGDC, PASSCO, EOBI, FBR etc. AZ has done more harm to PPP and this country than any other political part which has been in power. The Khakis are responsible, who knowingly negotiated an NRO, although they knew about the reputation of AZ. All those in coalition , the ANP, MQM, PML(Q), PML(F) and JUI are equally responsible.

  7. Ahad said:

    What will all those spin masters in the media, on payroll of AZ do now. Switch Sides or be loyal to him. Everybody knows how some of them took RS25 Crore loan without equity to set up their houses.

  8. Amjad Cheema said:

    Fascism of anti Zardari mafia goes on. They will never learn to respect people's mandate.
    Let the people decide rather than these drawing room fascists who only think of their individual good.

      • Haris said:

        What the meaningless talk by you? Zaradri is no more corrupt than previous rulers or Nawaz Sharif or even Kiani who might replace him.

    • S Khan said:

      Yes Agreed! He should be given a fair chance to defend himself, after all we wanted democracy, and he was elected unanamously.

  9. M.Aslam said:

    If Zardari is thrown out because of MEMO scanal, it will be bad message to the world against our military establishment Memo should not be the reason for change.

  10. farah said:

    If this is true, it will mean that President Zardari took the Nixon option just as the Supreme Court had suggested. Like President Nixon, rather than face inquiries, Zardari resigned, knowing he had no case to defend. Not ideal but probably the best outcome in the circumstances. The country can move and deal with its many other, more serious challenges and stop wasting time on memogate and the like. The Zardari presidency has been unmitigated disaster for Pakistan. This is one way to put it behind us and look forwards. All in all, good riddance.

  11. TAMRAIZ said:


    • Haris said:

      What about looted wealth of Nawaz Sharif or Jewish agent Imran Khan?

  12. moha said:

    Will he live long enough to enjoy( $bn`s) his ill gotten gains.

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