Exerting pressure


Pakistan’s absence in Bonn Conference has certainly made it indecisive and the world now seems realising Pakistan’s role for Afghan solution. A recent news says that due to Nato’s supply lines clogged from Pakistani routes, the per gallon fuel cost has risen to US$ 400. Further, this has also put a question mark to the exit strategy of 30,000 troops who are striving hard to pull out of Afghanistan in the wake of the upcoming US elections.

I think our stand against the US and Nato’s unjust act of intrusion has started yielding fruits as the head of USA’s Senate Intelligence Committee and various other Senators have begun lobbying to highlight immense significance of Pakistan’s role in Pak-Afghan regional politics.

Being a common Pakistani I demand that our military and government must carry on the hard line stand and discontinue all kind of logistic and diplomatic support to this thankless ally who has given us nothing but economic instability and irreparable life loss of 40,000 fellowmen. Pakistan should take full advantage of the situation.

We should re-negotiate terms of cooperation with USA with clear understanding for engagement of CIA activities in Pakistan Afghanistan region. Our high command should chalk out transparent and clear rules of engagement and unilateral action against any Pakistani, inside or outside Pakistan. Similarly, drone attacks and border intrusion should also be stopped at once and USA should be asked to vacate all other bases in Pakistan, including Jacobabad base.

Most importantly, we also demand a write-off of the loan that USA has graciously granted to our leaders as it never reached Pakistani citizens.




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