Afraid of Khan


Mr Nawaz Sharif seems afraid of the PTI tsunami. He seems unable to handle bouncers from the captain. The PML(N) is so terrified with Khan’s in-swingers that they have started putting false, baseless allegations with no genuine proof in hand. This shows their frustration within the party. People say that the PTI doesn’t have experienced team to handle these allegations. In fact, it is the PML(N) that doesn’t have any experienced team to handle the bouncers of Imran Khan and his team.

Same goes for the PPP. Ms Sharmila Farooqi in one of the programmes gave sweeping statement on Khan that “he is not a Muslim” as he was involved in betting and stuff.

I would like to ask her what does she have to say about corruption? Is corruption haram or halal? If that is the case, then all the politicians with only a few exceptions are non-Muslims. Mr Imran Khan clearly stated in one of the talk shows that it was not a typical betting stuff. Ms Sharmila must have done her home work before coming to the show.

PPP’s government is already on the verge of collapse. Its slogan was roti, kapra aur makan which they got only for themselves. People don’t want to hear rubbish by political leaders, they want to hear the solutions to their problems. They want a leader in a true sense of the word who could lead them from the front. And that ray of hope is Mr Imran Khan. People are looking up to him for a change in a positive and constructive way.




  1. Very immature article.. I would rather say that PTI is the vicitim of PML-N phobia.. They unable to dent PML-N.. You call tsunami of lotas as revolution.. all those people who were rejected badly in the 2008 elections have now joined PTI.. what a tsunami

  2. I am simply surprised that for PTI fans only issue is Nawaz Sharif. there are so many bad things happening in Pakistan but PTI fans or leadership never raise fingure on those like PML-Q deal in moonas Elahi NICL scandal, Hajj corruption, army chief role in drone attacks, Musharaf trial under article six, pursuing the case against MQM leadership in london & so many other issues of Pakistan. They are only stuck in Nawaz Sharif phobia.. Shame on this fanatic mentality of PTI fans.

  3. Ms. Asma Ahsan…
    I think you r too weak in even basic arithmetic…
    You are comparing a dwarf, Imran Khan, with a legeng, a giant, a genuinely popular leader, Mian Nawaz Sharif…
    Imran…who can win hardly his own seat…and Mian sb…who leads a party who got and maintains the capability of getting 2/3 majority…
    Not to talk of the traitor musharraf, zardari, Army, ISI…if US and the intl estb have not been able to influence Mian sb or make him afraid of their daunting powers…how can an immature political child like IK make Mian sb afraid of him???

  4. plz tell me one thing that what has imran khan donee in real terms other than just talk! He says that zardari is corrupt then y not a long march! He only talks and talks and doesn’t act!!! It was mian nawaz sarif who moved the govt to court on the memo issue, imran could have had done the same but he didn’t! And this is a country not and it has to be run by a proper team! The team of imran consists of all the pml q runaways! Ad lastly pml n challenged him on the assets thing to take them o court so y didn he take theem to court! Agar itna he sacha hy tu court ly kar jai! Doodh ka dooh pani kapani ho jai ga!

  5. The writer has given account of the true feelings of every second Pakistani at the moment. I fully agree that the two major parties of Pakistan would find PTI very difficult to handle with in the next elections. Imran Khan and his party is all set to make a clean sweep in the elections, Inshaallah.

  6. Rough time ahead for two parties from PTI. InshaAllah PTI will prevail and people will take a fresh breath from the loot and plunder of PML and PPP. These parties have not realized the full strength of PTI yet.

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