Not fulfilling Pakistan’s terms may leave US high and dry


Pakistan has told the US that all counter-terrorism cooperation would remain frozen until a formal apology is tendered by NATO for the Mohmand airstrike and if this demand along with that for the punishment of officials involved in the assault was not accepted in the next few days, a review process of all agreements with the US and NATO would commence and a decision would be made about the future of bilateral ties. President Asif Ali Zardari made it clear in his telephonic conversation with his counterpart Barack Obama on Sunday evening that decisions taken by Islamabad in the wake of the killing of Pakistani soldiers, such as suspension of NATO supplies, vacation of Shamsi airbase and boycott of Bonn Conference were irreversible. Officials privy to the discussion said Obama was concerned more about the future of Pak-US counter-terrorism cooperation, which at the moment stood suspended and he didn’t mention the Bonn Conference in his conversation with President Zardari. “The call was made after an alarming statement by Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani in Lahore on Sunday in which he clearly stated that Pakistan will review all existing agreements with the US, NATO and the United Nations. Before that, Prime Minister Gilani talked about revisiting the national security paradigm, something that created ripples in Washington,” said a Pakistani official on Monday, seeking anonymity. He said Obama offered his condolences over the NATO attack and in his nearly 30-minute conversation, he stressed upon the need of continuing with counter-terrorism cooperation and also spoke about the US desire for Islamabad’s active role for the success of peace talks with the Taliban. He said the president told his counterpart that the US should tender a formal apology for the killings and award stern punishment to those responsible. “President Zardari cautioned against the delay in the apology by NATO, saying it was harming further bilateral ties and if the genuine demands by Islamabad were not accepted, the damage could go beyond repair and lead to a review of all existing agreements with the US,” he said. Fully realising the seriousness of situation, the US has opted for comparatively soft stance during the current deadlock in ties with Pakistan. Another official said the US badly needed Pakistan for its endgame in Afghanistan and it realised the loss that it would have to suffer in case Islamabad walked away from the counter-terrorism cooperation. “This is why US is trying to involve some important world nations like China and Saudi Arabia to prevent the collapse of its alliance and break up in ties with Pakistan,” he said.


  1. Pakistan should have reviewed these 'agreements' long ago. Nevertheless, as is said, better late than never.

    Pakistani civilians and military personnel do not follow a lesser God than the Americans and those working for NATO do. They are made of the same flesh and blood as any one else is.

    In Pakistan – US alliance the balance favours US which is unjust and wrong. Any future agreements will need to be carefully scrutinized by relevant committees of the parliament.

    Pakistan has decided that it will no longer allow US to bully. Pakistan will do what ever it takes to protect its sovereignty for it has taken these measures in its best interest.

    6th December 2011

  2. pakis..continue to dream…when did US listen to pakis…your gilani has already gone with begging bowl

    • Hi Coconut, You r back again. You don't get it do you. Maligning and hating your own kind,coconut.

  3. We should review our engagements anyway and disengage completely with this 'so called war, some war' and halt all cooperation with Nato members. Unless drones are stopped, Pakistan accepted in the nuclear club, indians reigned in Afghanistan, US/Indian backing stop for TTP bandits, and payment of all dues including $60billion that Pakistan suffered for this war given to Pakistan (in the form of nullifying all loans), there is no point of any cooperation. All future agreements should be done based on Pakistan's interest. Take it or leave it…..this should be the message!!!

  4. I would have more faith in our ability to stand up for ourselves if someone else was in charge of things here.
    There are limits to what we can do, that is true, but even a weak and poor man can stand up for himself and say "No Sab. That is unjust".

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