Nawaz to visit Benazir’s grave after Ashura


Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Nawaz Sharif will visit Garhi Khuda Bux to pray at the grave of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto during his tour to interior Sindh after Yom-e-Ashur. A spokesman for the Sharifs told Pakistan Today on Monday that the party would start a mass contact campaign in Sindh from December 8 and senior party leaders, including Nawaz Sharif, would join the campaign.
Nawaz is likely to address a public gathering in Larkana on December 10, for which Sindh National Front (SNF) leader Sardar Mumtaz Bhutto extended an invitation to the PML-N chief.
The spokesman said Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan’s statements meant nothing as the Sharif family’s assets had already been declared and they were ready to defend their position in any court. The spokesman added that some politicians were trying to score points over the assets issue.
Meanwhile, the PML-N has started considering options after the announcement of President Zardari’s address to parliament, including boycott and protest. PML-N leaders are of the view that the government is trying to create a new issue in order to divert attention from the memo scandal.
They said the PML-N would finalise its decision of boycott or protest in a parliamentary party meeting ahead of president’s speech to parliament.
Sources within the party told this scribe that a majority was of the view that the PML-N should not give a free hand to the government by boycotting the joint session.


  1. This is called opportunism par excellence. He used to call her security risk. And, now in order to win over sympathy of her constituency, he is going to visit her grave.

  2. Mian Muhammad Nawaz sharif zindabad inshallah next prime minister will be mian Muhammad nawaz sharif

    • Allah na kare bewaqoof when will this stupid and goof minded people will learn that these are hypocrite and not sincere to any body for money they can sell their own mother and father

        • lolz…. facts…. go and wash your face…
          Main Azhar… Ijaz jazi… shahid binder… mahmood rasheed.. SMQ… all lotas od pml-q…
          where are fact which prove these are clean?
          imran and his fan club is same human and pakistanis… do not claim to be angel…
          event month events have showed what his son of ***** is looking for, a short cut to power.
          lets see how long he can stay alive… remember.. mushi also had the same corrupt people … and he had to resigned one day and now he can not enter paistan.
          you people are just shame less… hypocrites

          • lolz…… The names u have just mentioned, whatever there past is, still they do not have any references of money laundering, and corruption pending against them in NAB, Supreme court, and high courts, unlike the sharifs and zardaris…..So, First look inside urself and then talk about corruption…don't act like a pot, which calls a cattle black!!!!!!!

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