Mukhtaran Mai gives birth to baby boy


Mukhtaran Mai Women Welfare Organisation chief Mukhtaran Mai gave birth to a baby boy by Caesarian section two weeks prematurely in the central city of Multan, her husband and hospital officials said Monday.
Mai in March 2009 married police constable Nasir Abbas Gabol, who has five children from a previous marriage.
“It is a good news for both of us, I feel happy like any father and I thank Allah that Mai is OK,” he said.
The baby, which is Mai’s first, was born around 4:30 pm on Sunday at the private clinic of Doctor Naseem Akhtar Malik, staff nurse Asma Bibi said.
“The baby weighed 3.8 kg, both mother and child are OK,” she said. The case was complicated because Mai was suffering from hepatitis B, she said.
Gabol, 33, said the baby had not been named. “We will select a name with the consent of our elders when we go back to our village Meeranwala,” he said.


  1. 2nd wife of a local constable Mrs. Mukhtar Mai was never ever subjected to any sort of gang rape or sexual torture. The ploy was managed by her in connivance with a local reporter of a national daily more known for its yellow journalism tendencies to take revenge from the Mastoi tribe who once badly injured this reporter for his activities aimed at minting money by publishing false stories against the locals. That’s why all the accused in this case are now freed by the court. However, it’s a pity that our so called naïve media again proved that it has no care for investigative journalism and it acted as her pawn in this deadly game of defaming Pakistan.

  2. Mukhtar mai has earned a lot of money by defaming her country abroad and making life of opponent mastoi tribe a hell as a revenge. now she is second wife of a constable who didnt get persmission from his first wife to marry her. why is asma ameerki silent on this violation of family law becuase it will not earn her any dollars.

  3. Ultimately one can only question why such honor crimes are still in effect and as Mai states just as likely to occur today as they did back then. As much as the review of the incident was a kind of victory for this one woman one must wonder to what degree women in strict Muslim societies are spared such malevolent mistreatment at the hands of their community…?

  4. dear friends no gang rape was ever meted out to her by mastoi tribe. kindly read court orders first to know her fraud.

  5. a fraud is a fraud, no matter who or why its done. i being a female condemn her false statement. Truth and justice should be superior to anything else!

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