London police nab three Pakistanis at Heathrow airport


London police have taken three Pakistanis including a woman into custody during a raid on a PIA plane flight No PK 785 at Heathrow airport on Sunday. The staff also took their luggage in protection.
The UK Anti Terrorism and Immigration officials are interrogating the detained Pakistanis.
Meanwhile, Interior Minister Rehman Malik has taken notice of the incident and sought report within three days.


        • So it was ok for the British to loot the enslave India for 300 years and when they left they break it up so badly that it is suffering today. The 'British Pakistani/Asian' is a reaction of what the British did. So learn some of your own history before stating such rubbish.

  1. Heathrow Airport is top of the list of new-fangled airports, but is always more utilitarian and hence holds the name as a classy airport with the incarnation of varied traditions and values depicting the glory of British people.

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