Bikers flouting pillion riding ban arrested


Lahore Police arrested 368 bike riders and impounded 184 motorbikes on Monday following the imposition of a ban on pillion riding.
Lahore Police spokesman said many bike riders were arrested and 178 cases were registered against them in six divisions of Lahore.
He said the City Division of Lahore Police had arrested 134 bike riders who had been caught violating the pillion riding ban, while 64 cases were registered against them in various police stations, and 67 motorcycles had been impounded.

Cantonment Division Police arrested 44 bike riders after registering 22 cases, while impounding 22 motorbikes.
Civil Lines Police, while implementing the ban, arrested 86 bikers, impounded 43 bikes and registered 41 cases.
Saddar Division Police arrested 22 motorcyclists, impounded 11 motorcycles and registered 10 cases.
Iqbal Town Police arrested 26 motorcyclists, impounded 13 bikes and registered 13 cases.
Similarly, Model Town Police arrested 56 persons, impounded 28 bikes and registered 28 cases.