Use of single-axis trucks cause Rs15b loss per annum


Pakistan is losing about Rs15 billion per annum on the use of single-axis trucks, clearly indicating the loopholes and ignorance towards developing a comprehensive transport policy. Although, the government has been stressing on the importance of developing a long-term transport policy, but on ground nothing has improved and losses are increasing day by day. Economic Coordination Committee had also constituted a committee to review the issues pertaining to transport policy. Ministry of industries and production would be secretariat for the committee. The committee will comprise of, deputy chairman, planning commission as convener, advisor to Prime Minister on petroleum and natural resources, commerce secretaries, industries and production and communication divisions. On the other hand, despite ECC’s last decision to allow the import of used trucks, up to three years old, and buses and tractors up to five years old, the government is unlikely to allow import of CNG cars and buses. The import of CNG cars and buses could not be allowed due to shortage of gas in the country, sources added. Ministry of commerce had suggested the government to approve commercial import of buses with capacity of 40 or more seats, up to three years old, may be allowed with the condition that such buses should be certified by reputable pre-shipment inspection company to the effect that they have a road life of at least five years.