PTI won’t take in Khar without show of power


The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) is reluctant to include former governor Ghulam Mustafa Khar in the team, unless he exhibits a major show of power to showcase his popularity in south Punjab. However, arranging a grand session is a difficult task of for Khar, Pakistan Today learnt on Saturday. According to sources, negotiations between Khar and the PTI chairman were underway and a formal announcement is expectedly after 10th of Muharram. But the PTI is expecting Khar to arrange a grand session to announce his affiliation with the PTI, but Khar is hesitant to announce the same as it is difficult for him to gather a large number of people in the session.
Sources said some elements from Khar’s side met PTI Punjab office-bearers and sought time for the meeting from PTI Chairman Imran Khan after the 10th of Muharram. Still the PTI wants Khar to hold a massive rally in Muzzafargarh to show his worth and assure PTI opponents that they are set to reduce the hegemony of both the PML-N and the PPP. PTI General Secretary Dr Arif Alvi said he was not aware of the developments in connection with Khar’s status, but according to another party leader, PTI senior leaders were not taking much interest regarding the inclusion of Khar in the PTI. According to another source, Khar wanted to announce his affiliation with the PTI in a press conference, but the PTI chairman Imran expected a show of power from Khar, like the one from Shah Mehmood Qureshi.


  1. Budha sher!
    Khan sb be sure what you are touching.
    While you had the moral integrity to accept yer younger day escapades,(I respect you for that) the budha sher likely will never acknowledge the days his 250 SEL prowled the environs of kinnaird and gov col for women Lahore….the weeping willows along the canal bank dont cry for nothing…!

  2. It will be total bulshit if PTI welcome to the Khar because we are from his district and know his popularity better. There is no more place for such kind of crupt polititions nor in PTI and not in our people hrt.

  3. I know better Khar ne jisy bhi support kia hae wh apny se hara hae… log s se bht nafrat kerty haen s ki waja bhi hae.. waja yh hae kh s ko ek bar logon ne azmaya r jb azmaesh pe pora nae utra the people kick of him.
    Khar ke halky se agar PTI kissi bhi member ko ticket di tu umeed kafi hae wh jeet jae lekin agar khar ne PTI ko support ki tu Khuda na kery zaror PTI har sakti hae..
    people hate this guy//

    • Mr. Kashif apko yh man,na paray ga kh Khar sb ne apny halky mein kam bhi bht kerwaya tha.
      Agar ab log n ko support nae kerty its not mean that all people hate him. And if he joined this party then i hope he will work well for us.

      • Yar dekho baat sedhi hae ham purany positions they thaky hoe haen r Khar sb bhi tu unhein mein aty haen.
        Han we are working for PTI.
        Khan sb jahan kahein gy han n ka hukam manein gy. Agar khar sb bhi apny asasy declear ker dein tu we will surely support them.

        • Are you talking abt Hina Rabbani Khar, surely she will soon show her assets likes Veena do. A women getting nominated on reserved seats and talking portfolios in consecutive cabinets changing her parties from PML-Q to PPP and now holding the most powerful seat in cabinet, replacing SVP of PTI 🙂 would soon become part of your party 🙂

  4. Qureshi and Mian azhar are most experienced and well known politicians with no corruption cases. All these types of politicians should join PTi. Khar shud be kept out o it

  5. It is politics as usual Imran is like any other politician. To gain power he is willing to include corrupt and immoral people like Khar and Mumtaz Bhutto and when you compromise for the sake of winning your principles go down the drain.
    God save Pakistan.

  6. I agree with some of the comment that "Khar is sick in the head" but Imran Khan is sicker he is all BS.

  7. Please keep him out if you want to keep a lot of your supporters in the party and not get disenfranchised by PTI. Upto Qureshi was ok….all the talk about anyone can join but only clean people will be given tickets is good rhetoric and also that PTI is against feudalism and will only take in feudals who want to change for the better etc etc….but taking in Khar wil break the camels back…..every thing has its limits and PTI will lose its moral standing if it does this.

  8. Khar has been a close aide of Shareefs during Musharraf's time. And his old age is also a negative point of his political characteristic. IK will find more heavy weight way better than Khar. It is just a matter of Time.
    Careers in Pakistan

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