Imran should tell truth about his assets, says Nisar


The opposition leader in National Assembly Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan has said that Imran Khan has not declared his assets truthfully.
Addressing a press conference at Punjab House on Sunday, he said that Imran Khan should tell lie to the extent that could easily be digested. He should inform the nation about his assets truthfully or else PML-N would bring the facts to the public after 10 Muharram, said Nisar.
He was of the view that a political party could not be run in Pakistan with the ownership of only two hector of land. He said that Imran poses himself as a most honest man in the country but actually he confessed in his own book that he was involved in match fixing during his cricket career.
He said that Imran Khan possesses 300 kannal of land on the bank of Rawal Dam in Bani Gala, one of posh localities of federal capital. In addition to this he has a flat in London, about which he told that both properties were gifted to him. But when a marriage ends on divorce, then nobody gives such precious gifts.
The PML-N leader said that the Sharif family had been in the business even before the partition of sub continent. The companies of Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif are paying taxes regularly.
Chaudhry Nisar said that the target of media trial from Imran Khan is mainly Nawaz Sharif but Imran did not say even a word against the corruption of President Zardari.
He said that PML-N suggests that a judicial commission may be formed comprising highly reputable judges under the chairmanship of sitting Supreme Court judge to look into the assets of entire political leadership including PML-N. He said that the institution made for accountability has become the victim of personal ego of Prime Minister Gillani.
“The PML-N desires that accountability of judges, civil and military bureaucracy should also be carried out besides politicians from 1947 to date. In this regard we would bring accountability bill in the national assembly as a private member bill, in which there would be a clause regarding investigation of assets abroad also”, opposition leader added.


  1. A &B parties were playing coalition and friendly opposition to fool the masses for ruling for decades but can not tolerate interference from party C. Better is to pass a resolution asking IMF/UN to freeze Swiss accounts of all Pakistanis of unproven sources of income to adjust Pakistan loans throughout the world.

  2. mr Nisar this Nisar is waiting please bring out the real assets of Imran Bhai as well as shareef bros, other wise we gonna expose them all to the public by exposing their assets :p

  3. Instead criticizing Imran, PML-N leadership is requested to tell public their assets. Imran ko to bus 2-3 plots ka hisab batana tha but Sharif Familiy has plenty of Industries in Pakistan and abroad and it will be difficult for them to decalre assets. It will also politically hurt them when people know that they are so wealthy. The transactioin abroad for setup industries to Saudia and UK is also very doubtful.

    Imran nai agar assets banai hain to I bet mulk ko nahi loota as he was not in Government but PML-N character is doubtful. Their industries get more whenevr they are in government.

    Ch Nisar is so dumb that he cannot understand that how pl;ot was purchased by Imran on the name of his wife and when divorce wife gifted him as it was from his money. Ch Nisar cannot understand the civilized way of divorce because he thinks that divorce is always a result of fighting.

  4. You are a liar and a Sharif Lackey.The Sharifs are crooks along with Zardari and you are also a crook. If you had faith in the country, you wouldn`t have American citizenship.

  5. question is.. did this idiot Nisar, has HE disclosed ANY assets to begin with, or just being a typical asshole and pointing fingers at others when they're at least honest..

  6. In a programme with SANA BUCHA a question was asked 4 times to SHAHBAZ JUNIOR that how the money was transfrred to UK and KSA and he never replied and excusing . .

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