After all else fails, Punjab govt demands rent from Naval War College


The Punjab government has finally demanded rent from the Naval War College after all its efforts to move the “sensitive” building from the residential area over security reasons failed to bear any fruit, Pakistan Today has learnt.
Sources privy to the development revealed on Friday that the decision of shifting government offices, whether sensitive or otherwise, from the residential areas was taken after blasts at the Naval War College on The Mall in 2008.
They said the decision was taken in a very high-profile meeting in which the chief secretary, the police inspector general and other top bureaucrats took part. However, the government’s efforts did not yield any result and the authorities concerned refused to vacate the building despite repeated requests.
The sources also revealed that the recent move came in a meeting when the Punjab government decided to demand rent for the building located on one of the most prime properties adjacent to GOR-I.
“Another important reason for taking the decision is because of the high profile people residing in the nearby GOR-I… after the blasts at the War College, the residents raised a hue and a cry because of the security risk involved due to the presence of such a sensitive building in the area. Almost three years have lapsed without any effect and hence the government has decided to raise the issue of the rent to put on some more pressure,” the sources added.
Per the details, Naval authorities have not paid rent for the past 10 years which has accumulated to more than Rs 20 million. Moreover, the Naval authorities have requested the Punjab government not to get the building vacated and assured the government that the rent will be paid.