Religious parties rally against NATO


Various religious parties including Jamaat-ud-Dawaa, Jamaat-e-Islami and Sunni Tehrik staged protest rallies on Friday against recent NATO attack on a Pakistani check-post along the Afghanistan border.
Central leader of the banned religious outfit, Jamaat-ud-Dawaa (JuD), Ameer Hamza said Friday that the government should close down over 250 rented houses occupied allegedly by CIA’s operative. He warned that the JuD would be “compelled to shut them down itself” if the government failed to do so.
Addressing the participants of a protest rally, which taken out to condemn the NATO attack on Pakistan forces’ check-post that left 28 Pakistani troops were martyred, he said the UNSC had become a “destructive council”.
Earlier hundreds of protesters on Friday took out a protest rally from Aabpara Chowk to protest against NATO’s aggression. The JuD leaders also urged the participants to prepare for jihad since the NATO attack “left them with no other option”. They also criticised government’s decision of giving India the status of Most Favoured Nation (MFN) and argued its sagacity citing Indian forces’ atrocities in Kashmir.
They also cited killing of over 45 thousand innocent Kashmiris, demolishing of Babri Mosque, India’s illegal dams on various rivers.
Students, lawyers, traders, members of civil society and thousands of common people were also present on the occasion. They were holding JuD flags and banners inscribed with slogans against the USA, NATO and India.
PML-N leader Siddique-ul-Farooq, Alhaaj Said Batvi, Malik Shuja-ur-Rehman, Ajmal Baloch and other religious, political and trade leaders also addressed on the occasion.
Farooq, in his brief address, said the NATO attack was an attack on Pakistan’s sovereignty and that the aggressors wanted to know whether Pakistani people were united or not.
Talking about the Memogate saga, Farooq said one of the 6 points of memorandum was about closing down Pakistani nuclear programme.
“If we rolled back our nuclear programme we would be finished. That was why PML-N leader Mian Nawaz Sharif went to Supreme Court,” he said.
He urged the participants to take to streets if the government failed to implement the SC’s verdict in that case.
They were holding placards with slogans against NATO forces and the MFN status to India . Saeed Batvi, Mailk Shuja-ur-Rehman, Ajmal Baloch, and others also spoke on the occasion.
They said jihad was the only solution against terrorism of every kind including drone attacks and attacks on Pakistani check posts. “The US has never been an ally but an enemy. The rulers should force all the US citizens to leave Pakistan instead of just issuing statements of condemnations, they said. Meanwhile, the Jamaat-e-Islami workers also staged a demonstration on Friday against the recent NATO a attack on Pakistan check post.
JI leader Mian Muhammad Asalm was leading the protest rally, which started from the Nation Press Club.
Aslam while condemning the aggression by NATO forces said the armed forces should respond strongly to this attack and warned if the government didn’t take a stern action, the entire nation would throw the government out of power. He said there was a need to dispel the impression that Pakistani forcers and intelligence agencies were mercenaries. Separately Sunni Tehrik also staged a demonstration in the garrison town of Rawalpindi: The ST workers had gathered at Chuhr Chowk, from where they took out a protest rally, burnt tyres and torched the USA flags.
ST’s Political Committee President Malik Abdul Rauf said the NATO supply line must be cut down for good and all the airbases be reclaimed from US forces immediately. “the political and military leadership must act upon the resolutions unanimously passed by all parties conference and Parliament,” he said.
He said NATO attack was an effort to divert the attention of Pakistani people from Memogate saga. “It will be in the best of interest to the US forces to evacuate all airbases and leave Afghanistan as well,” he observed.