Govt can’t be destabilised through undemocratic ways: PM


Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has said the government cannot be destabilised through undemocratic means.
“Government cannot be destabilised through undemocratic ways. Conspiracies are being hatched against our government since the last 4 years and such conspiracies cannot succeed at any cost. Conspiracies are destined to fail. We are running the government effectively since the last four years despite conspiracies,” he said this while addressing international conference on competition challenges and welfare of consumers on Friday in a local hotel.
Providing competitive environment was obligation of the government, he said and added that it should be ensured that national priorities were kept ahead in competitive laws. It was essential that essential commodities were supplied to the people at subsidised rates, he said.
Private sector role was very critical for national economy, he said further adding that government was extending and would continue to extend full cooperation to Competition Commission, he assured.
Government could show better performance in competitive environment during democratic era, he underlined.
He said that national economy was heading towards right direction. Parliament was not a rubber stamp and it would complete its tenure, he added.
Both the government and parliament were strong and no conspiracy could succeed against them, he underscored.


    • Mister Sani Ahmad You r really mentally retarded. Negative politics and media's racial prejudice and agencies interference in foreign and defence policy and terrorism sponsorship by state institution has done enormous damage damage to Pakistan's image abroad. Govt is rendered helpless by terrorism support by agencies, power-hungry politics by opposition and big impact is on economy which is going down drain. No govt can solve this problem unless above policies continuee.

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